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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

I just have to share..... we were camping this weekend. Now, keep in mind that we are avid campers & take it very seriously. We've learned that camping on Holiday weekends is a bad idea because it's when the party people choose to camp....BAD thing.

This past weekend, not really thinking it was "a holiday weekend," we went to a WONDERFUL little amusement park that had a campground. I knew it wouldn't be our normal camping experience, but that it would still be fun. O M G!!!!! I could never have been so wrong!!!! Don't get me wrong, the campground was nice (would have liked more grass, but....) but the people camping around us...... SO RUDE!!!!

For those who are not campers, it is typical to have "quiet hours." That's when you are expected to keep the noise to a minimum. Usually quiet hours are from 10 or 11pm to 7 or 8am. This park was 10pm to 7am. Well.....the first night, our neighbors had country music blaring until midnight or so while they were talking (over the music of course). I kept saying to myself that atleast it wasn't hard rock or something really awful! LOL But it was really annoying because they had yelled at our kids for being too loud at 3pm in the afternoon "my baby is sleeping!" Oh give me a break!!!

The second night we had new neighbors beside us & across the street. I can't say this with enough bold: OH MY GAUD!!!! Their kids were running all through the campsites (occupied or not) from the minute they got there. They were screaming & carrying on and the whole bit. We headed out to the park for the day & left everything locked up good!!! (we don't usually worry about it) In the evening they were just as loud. I got the impression that they hadn't wandered into the park. Around about 10 or 10:30 the fire crackers came out. Yep...AFTER quiet hours began!!!! (we also found out later that fire crackers are not permitted in the campground....THAT must be why they weren't going off when camp security drove through!) They were going strong until just before midnight when we headed into our mostly sound-proof camper (with all the windows closed so there was no air moving...but it was better than the noise!). Security had come through just before and scolded them for leaving fire cracker garbage in the road. They quieted down while he was there but it didn't last. I woke up around 3am and there was STILL loud talking but the kids seemed to have gone away. The old guys were up talking at 6:30am (one must have been mostly deaf cause the other was least I hope that's why he was talking so loudly at 6:30am!!!).

I woke up on Monday just ready to leave.....that was before the rotten children decided to have a water gun OUR site!!!! I lost it and yelled at them.... laughter erupted from the adults on the other site (their camper was parked between me & them). Sorry....I want to put my tents away DRY!!! After that it was "lets just get the heck (stronger) out of here!!!" I was sooooooo mad!!!! I've never broken camp so fast in my life!

We proceeded to the camp office & filed a complaint. They seemed to take it seriously but...who knows. The grounds are really nice & the people are AWESOME but they are very few & far between and for "a holiday weekend" there was just not enough security present. I don't want to blame the campground or write them off as a "no go" but.....

It was so interesting to me to listen to my kids (16, 13 & 9) in the car ride out of the park: "were we ever like that?" "I'm sorry if I was ever like that!" "why do kids behave like that?" "why didn't their parents stop them?" "MY kids will never get away with acting like that!"

I guess we did an okay job after all!!!!
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    wow. thats terrible.
    i am ....i guess used to that kinda stuff. although i dont camp often. we are going camping next week up at herkimer diamond mines--the fiance's family does it every year and they all go tubing down the river. but anyways, living in bridgeport right near the water--fireworks round year all hours.
    and even here, in the middle of the country, last week---not even weekend--around 10.30 pm someone was setting fireworks off.
    but it is different when you're camping. and trying to sleep etc.

    the good thing is you know you raised good kids.
    3127 days ago
    Hope your next trip is much better.
    3163 days ago
  • JAMER123
    Oh Kris!! What a mess! We haven't had too much of that. We have had little girls destroy a neighboring campsite & the parents didn't care or the fire people burned their garbage in and the TOXIC smoke got sucked right into our camper to the point we had to get out! Other than that, we pretty much have had good luck with camping neighbors. I hope the next time you get to go, it is much more relaxing and restful!! I am to assume you are staying home for the holiday. We are as well but ours is heat related. We are under an extreme heat warning through Thurs. night when we have the potential of severe storms coming through to knock this stuff out of here!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3169 days ago
    So sorry for your bad experience! We are camping in our Ocean Canyon Properties park, have been here since Wednesday the 27th. It is quiet by 9:30 PM or so and STAYS quiet till well after 8 AM. Quiet hours are from 10 to 8 and are strictly enforced.
    Anyone caught making noise after that time or before 8 will be asked to stop, and if they don't they are kicked out! No messing around. This is a mostly membership park though, and the members want to keep it nice so that helps. They do have non-members come in to hear the sales pitch and then they are gone, though, usually never to return unless they want to pay the inflated price for non-member camping.
    The kids have to be contained on their own site by 9 PM and are not allowed off.

    Hopefully, you can find a quieter park somewhere, next time! emoticon
    3169 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11545374
    I don't get out camping as much as I like. I think my wife is allergic to it. lol. Sorry you had to deal with that nonsense during your 'relaxation' time. I hope the next time will be better.
    3169 days ago
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