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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Hello fellow sparkpeople. I am usually too intimidated by Jillian Michaels to even glance at her workout DVDs. But I was bitten by the motivation of another sparker and I decided to give it a go. There is also the major motivation of happenings in my personal life. Being that I just signed a one year contract as an actress/plus model and I have a photo shoot on August 4th, 2012 (just over 30 days away). Now, I am not planning to loose a bunch of weight before the 4th, because they signed me as I am. However, for myself, and for the best possible pictures I'd like to be a more toned version of myself. emoticon

Day 1 (July 2nd)- 176lbs, Waist 33", Hips 42", Thigh 25", Bicep 13.25", Bust 40"
Was rough. Arms hurt. Haven't done push-ups since middle school gym class. Work-out was shorter than I had expected. Still willing to go back for more. Excited for tomorrow. Will post again soon.

Day 2 - (July 3rd) 174.8lbs
Workout seemed... more doable today. However a few hours after and I am doubley as sore as I was all day. I know this is good because I'm building muscle. I didn't feel like passing out after workout, definite bonus :)

(July 4th)
Today I did 40 minutes of cardio and took a break from Jillian

Day 3- (July 5th)
With Jillian again! She kicked my butt slightly less today. But let me tell you the challenge was to get the tape started in the first place. I am hoping tomorrow I'll feel more motivated!

Day 4- (July 6th)
Today was a little difficult because I worked all day before doing the shred. My victory was actually putting the DVD in :)

Day 5 - (July 7)
Good day! Got lots of rest last night and woke up ready to shred. Got my shred on before I started the day and it felt great.

Day 6 - (July 8th)
Today was rough for me. I got through it but not great.

Day 7 (July 10th)
I took off yesterday bc I let my mega period symptoms (I know TMI!) get the best of me. However, the rest was very well recieved. Today was the best day so far! I did the workout 100% and I'm so proud of myself. I even did some of the work with Natalie :)

Day 8 (July 11th)
Today felt great. A little hesitant to get started, but once I did I worked it :)

Day 9 (July 12th)
I started LEVEL 2 today! Woooo hooo! It was definitely rough, but I got through it. Level 2 again tomorrow!

Day 10 (July 13th)
I have a loooong day today, so I am starting off early with the shred. Went back to level 1 today, not because 2 was too hard. But 2 is just too hard for a morning work out. Perhaps I can revisit 2 tomorrow.

Day 11 (July 15th)
Level 2. Hurt.

Day 12 (July 16th)
I had a headache all day from my sore neck and shoulder muscles. Level 2 doesn't agree too well with me. I did level 1 again and enjoyed myself.

Day 13 (July 17th) 172.4 lbs
For the second day in a row I've left the house for work at 8am and returned at 10:00pm. I am proud of myself for doing the workout both days after having such long days. I did level 1 again today.

Day 14 (July 18th)
Level 2 today. Kicked it's butt :)

Day 15 (July 20th)
Level 2 kicked my butt, lol. HALF WAY DONE! emoticon

Day 16 (July 21st)
I tried level 3 today, I was feeling adventurous. I was able to get through it by follwoing Anita. It is definitely difficult.

Day 17 (July 22nd)
I've been having a bit of an issue with my left knee for the last few days. I am going to take it a little easy and go with level 1 today. An oldie, but a goodie :)

Day 18 (July 23rd)
Back to level 2. I don't think I can keep up with level 3 after my long day at work, but I think I need to challenge myself.

Day 19 (July 24th)
I punked out this morning and only did level 1. I had to do a morning workout so i went a little easy on myself :)

Day 20 (July 25th)
Level 3 baby. I couldn't get motivated after work so i didn't work out until about 11:15pm! I still did it though, and I did it well.

Day 21 (July 26th)
Level 3 today first thing this morning. Less than 12 hours from my last work out! A little daunting, but I know I won't have time later so I wanted to get it done. I have 9 days left for my 30 day shred. I am going to try and do level 3 for most of them.

Day 22 (July 28th)
Level 3 felt much better today after taking a day off. My knee which had been hurting didn't bother me so much.

Day 23 (July 29th)
Level 3 to start my day :)

Day 24
My brother is visiting this week and I have every minute planned to spend with him. I did sneak in a work out today before he woke up and it felt good.

Day 25 (August 17th)
Im back! Level 1 today I know im a punk buts its been a while and i dont want to hurt myselt :) With a little leave in my schedule I am able to get back on track and finish my 30 days of shred. Though doing the 30 days consecutively would have been great it just wasn't possible for me. I am looking forward to completing the 30 total as my first personal goal. Then I'd like to keep up with doing the workout a couple times a week. I've built some muscles now I don't want to loose them! Maybe ill venture onto a new DVD :)

Day 26 (Aug 20)
Level 2 kicked my butt tonight :). I can always kick it through the cardio and ABS, but the strength always gets me. I didn't take any breaks, but my arms are aching! Only 4 more days to go!

Day 27 (Aug 21)
Level 3 today. I wouldn't say it totally kicked my butt. But I would say it was rough! Only 3 days left, I am really hoping to do level 3 for the rest to finish up. P.s. I am loving the muscles I've gained throughout this process :)

Day 28 (Aug 24)
Level 3 Baby. Its getting harder and harder to get back to the DVD. I've got a lot going on in my everyday life, but I need to work at making more time. Even once I've finished I'd like to be doing a strength workout a few times a week to maintain my new muscles :)

Day 29 (Aug 29)
Woke up this morning with shred on the brain. Only one workout left until 30 day completion.

Day 30 (Sep 1)
Start: 176lbs, Waist 33", Hips 42", Thigh 25", Bicep 13.25", Bust 40" 153.25
Finish:b168lbs Waist 31.25", Hips 40", Thigh 24", Bicep 12.5", Bust 39.5"
Finished 30 day shred with level 3 this morning. Though it look my a little less than 2 months to do the 30 day shred, I still feel accomplished for completing 30 days of this strenuous workout. I am 8lbs down, and 6 inches total gone. As I've mentioned a few times in this blog I've definitely formed some new muscles along the way, and I am so happy about it. I've never had muscles I could actually see before. In the past my workouts have mostly been cardio, but now that I've got muscles I'd like to keep them! Thank you to Jillian and thank you to my fellow sparkers who gave me the motivation to get through this! emoticon
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    I just came back to edit this blog to include your name since you were my motivation to do the 30 day shred, and look who left me an encouraging comment!

    To everyone using sparkpeople, member KICKINNIKKI is what this page is all about. She is supportive, friendly, motivational and inspirational.

    Thanks girl for your comments, and thanks for your support! emoticon
    2178 days ago
    You go girl!!! I am so happy for you and your modeling contract! You should be so proud! Jillian Michaels is intimidating, but so doable! I believe that you can kick the shreds butt!! Keep us updated on how it is going for you!! You're gonna ROCK this!!!
    2178 days ago
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