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Monday, July 02, 2012

Hi Everyone!

A lot of you responded to my shock about the expense of running a race. Kind of threw me for a loop, but now that I know, I can budget for the next time I want to do one :) Thanks for all your tips!!

I didn't work out too hard this past week, but I have been doing girl push-ups every day and trying to do my first pull-up. We have a pull-up bar, and each day I try a little throughout the day. I'm sore, but seeing improvement. I of course have to "jump" and still can't get myself totally up, but I can now get partially up and come down slowly. Every time I try, it's like my body is overheating too! Must be a good sign I figure. My husband showed me a few things I can do with weights to increase my wrist and forearm strength so that should help as well.

Foodwise, I've been horrible I must admit. Friday we went on our date night to Olive Garden. We hadn't been there for maybe a year or a little used to be one of my favorite places. They have 2 meals for 25$ going on so we couldn't resist. Needless to say....we didn't feel good afterwards. In fact, I doubt we'll go again for another year. First of all, they were really busy....but if it's the should be prepared, especially Friday nights. We got an appetizer and upgraded to the salad to a caesar. We asked for our dressings on the side....and was it on the side? NO! DRENCHED! There was more dressing than lettuce on the plate so it was very disappointing because it took so long to get out, we didn't want to say anything more. We picked at it a little. The appetizer was great, we got the fried calamari and bruschetta. Fried? Yeah, I know...bad me. Then I got Fettucini Alfredo....very bad me. It was good, but gosh did I feel like crap as we were leaving. I had one breadstick too. Leaving I thought, wow...and I used to love this food. Guess I've lost taste for such high calorie things. I'm sure the fettucini Alfredo is probably the most caloric thing on their menu. Haha. I don't even want to know!!!

Saturday we spent the day in Lake City for our nephew's 10th Birthday party. I started the day off with gas station coffee. The party was so fun! My brother in law and sister in law had built a huge obstacle course all over their huge front and back yards for the kids. It was 16 obstacles! I was in charge of the slip in slide and the balance beam. The kids were cracking me up too. I forgot to turn on the slip in slide for the first kid...oops....and his chunky body flopped right onto the ground with thud. I felt HORRIBLE, but couldn't help at laughing that he said, "Ow! My sternum!" It was cute. I turned the hose on and he went again, so it was nothing serious. Anyways, so there, I ate a hotdog, a hamburger, potato chips, potato salad, AND cake! Can you believe it?? Then, driving the three hours home that night with my husband and his mom, we stopped at Cracker Barrel. There, I had the grilled chicken tenderloins, mac n cheese, and the turnip greens. Of course I ate a super healthy (not!) white flour buttery biscuit. We got home really late and crashed.

The next morning, our favorite day...Sunday, we decided not to cook breakfast like usual because the place was a mess. It's like we hadn't had time to be home and clean for a whole week or something! Especially since we are sharing a vehicle for now. We ended going to a place we love called "Skyway Jack's II" for breakfast. They have the best omelets I've ever had. Of course I had cheese in it. AND homestyle potatoes...yum. Also, I had half a damn biscuit and tons of coffee with sugar and creamer. Guess what we had for lunch? Our leftover olive garden from Friday!!!!! And for dinner? Two beers, soda (which I rarely drink) and we split a Firehouse Sub. Lots of eating out this weekend!!!!

Wow, so today is Monday and I'm off work. This morning I made oatmeal. Instead of having our regular organic maple brown sugar....I made half plain and half maple brown sugar to try and wean off the sugar. It was still a little rough to eat so I added a little agave nectar and lots of blueberries.

For lunch, we had a veggie burger so that was okay.

But then, I had two light beers and ate a lot of chips later as a "snack"- so that's my fail for today. All I can do is be proud I did good for breakfast and lunch, and do our best for dinner :)

I don't know what to do anymore half the time. I watched Dr. Oz today and realized I need to clean up my act over this week....yikes, Fourth of July is a potential downfall, that's for sure. Already got the Boar's Head Dogs in the fridge, haha, I can't lie to you guys. Anyways, so watching Dr. Oz, I learned that people with my body type (belly fat, rather than booty fat if you will) need to stay away from refined carbs, cheese, and coffee. HARD!!! I also learned that belly fat is way easier to rid of than butt fat, but it's also a lot more dangerous. I really need to learn how to reduce my stress. If I don't my heart is going to get all fatty and I just don't want that at all. :( :( :(

I'm working on a childhood literature paper where I have to analyze 20, yes TWENTY children's books. I've worked on it for about 5 hours today and I've only done 10 books so far. In coming across some Mister Roger's info, I decided to stray from the assignment and look him up for a bit. He was a vegetarian, never smoked, never drank and died from...stomach cancer. Can you believe it? STOMACH CANCER? He seemed so calm, I'm not sure if he was stressed or not. But how do you get stomach cancer when you are so loving, calm, and healthy with your eating? Made me lose a little hope, really. If he got stomach cancer, who knows what will happen to me.....goodness. lol. Yes, I'm paranoid.

Anyways, I wish you all the best week and I'm going to really sit down and think about my next plan of action for this week. Muah!

PS: Did you guys know if you try to put a bad word in your blog, you can't submit it? A message comes up saying, "No profanity, please" lol. I had the s word earlier, but changed it to crap and it went through. Just FYI. Peace!
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