overview of June goals and July goals.....

Monday, July 02, 2012

last months goals were...
Goals for June-
*lose 8lbs (from whatever my weight is on the 5th...still gotta weigh in to see how I did while here helping my dad)
update I weighed in at 195 so goal is to be 187lbs by June 30th!
*get a 3 mile walk/jog in at least 3 times a week
* zumba 3 times a week(I usually do this but being gone all May it didn't happen)
*get more strength training in
*spend some time at the beach!!!
*HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

I did not lose those 8lbs...its kind of disappointing but at the same time I was on it with my fitness and eating and I had some NSVs so its all good. I ended June and went into July weighing 189.5

I exceded the 3mile walk jog goal...I knocked that one out!!!! I did that more like 5 times a week wooohoo!

I did add some ST

I did go to the beach

and I had FUN!!!!!!

So now onto my July goals.....
Well I recently signed up for my first ever 5k race. I have done 5ks before but I have always signed up for the walking part....this time I'm running it and I'm running the entire thing!!! Race day is August 11th in Muskegon Michigan and I'm so excited. My hubs has been training with me.
*So one my my goals will be to be running the full 5k by the end of this month!
*To train for the 5k at least 5 days per week.
*Get 10 glasses of water in a day
*Not let what the scale says affect my mood...If I am doing what I'm suppose to do staying in my calorie range and getting my fitness in there is no reason to let that number control me!
*shooting for a 10lb loss this month.....hoping to be in the 170s by July 30th
*So this month I plan to hit the point of losing more than I weigh YAY!!!

So lets do this!!!

Happy July to you all!!!!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You can do it! I love the way you posted your goals, accounted for them, made new goals. I may try this as well...I just always seem to forget what my goals were by the end of the month! :-) Also, time is just flying by WAY too fast, this year is nuts!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2770 days ago
    Great goals! Best wishes on running your 5k!! That's AWESOME!!
    2775 days ago
    Keep the faith - and don't worry about the numbers - it's your actions that count.
    2776 days ago
    Excellent goals!! You can do it!!
    2778 days ago
  • SASHA521
    A 5k...what an accomplishment, just signing up for one! Way to go!! I know you will be ready and you will do great! emoticon
    2782 days ago
    Sounds great! I need to set my goals for July too.

    You'll be great in the 5K, while you're running it feels like it's a forever long distance, but then you're done and thinking "wait, what? Can I run it again???"

    emoticon emoticon
    2782 days ago
  • RODRIGUEZ41508
    You got this Tracy !
    I am also doing the walking/jogging thing with my hubby and I enjoy pushing myself each time. Congrats ! on signing up for the 5k. I know you will succeed at it just like you have succeeded at weight loss.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2782 days ago
  • no profile photo CD1332392
    Awesome goals! Hey you weren't too far from your weight loss goal of the month. That's great that you signed up for a 5k! I'm thinking about signing up for one that's this upcoming Fall.
    2782 days ago
    You are awesome!! Have a blast with the 5K!!
    2783 days ago
  • CATDUG19
    Great way to post your goals. I love that way you talked about what you did in June, I think this is a very healthly attitude to have.
    2783 days ago
    Wow you are amazing... I am impressed by your success!!!!! you are an inspiration I have showed your pictures to all my family emoticon . I wish you all the best GBY!! and thank you for sharing your life with us....
    2784 days ago
    You GO Girl. Keep up the positive attitiude and you will make it. emoticon
    2784 days ago
    I think you did awesome in June and you will totally rock your goals for July! I'm excited for you as you continue to train for your 5K with your husband :) It's so great that he is right there with you, helping and supporting you! As always, thank you for continuing to inspire me!!!
    2784 days ago
    Just stopped by your blog. . .wow, you've done AMAZING things! You'll never go back! Just sayin' . . . if you lose 4-5 lbs some month, please don't view that as not reaching your goals! You know it comes off slower as you get skinny and your metabolism adjusts. You are doing absolutely GREAT and GOOD FOR YOU!!

    BTW, your kids are adorable.
    2785 days ago
  • ELLE1277
    Just passing by, read your blogs, you've done a super job! You are an inspiration to me, as well as many more I'm sure!! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2785 days ago
  • CBRIGGS1956
    Way to go Tracy, together we can all do this
    2785 days ago
    Total awesomeness, girl!! Very attainable goals!! And, I am right here cheering you on!! You are going to rock July, chick!

    2785 days ago
    You inspire me every day! Your energy and enthusiasm are infectious -- I love that you are doing a 5K! All my Spark friends seem to be doing them, and I'm thinking it may have to be a goal for me too!

    Thank you for leading the way, you are a wealth of possibilities!!!
    2785 days ago
  • IRISH813
    emoticon Awesome goals!!!! Keep up the good work!!! emoticon
    2785 days ago
    Way to go, Tracy! Like you said, what is important is that you were putting in the effort. YOU kept your calories on lock! YOU kicked butt in your workouts! YOU started RUNNING!!! And, YOU still LOST WEIGHT! You had a goal, and that is perfect. We all need to work toward our goals, but what matters is that you stuck with it, you had fun, you enjoyed your family, and you got healthier. THAT is success! I know will totally rock July, girl!!! Run, run, run!!!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2785 days ago
  • BUTTERFLY-1976
    2785 days ago
  • TANYA602
    Thank you for the reminder -I still need to do some reflecting and goal setting. I am so excited for you and the hubby as you plan/train for this 5K! You are a rock star, and I will look for the pounds to tick off on the counter with you! Have a fun 4th!
    2785 days ago
    You are limitless.... Keep up the AMAZING job... and THANK YOU for pushing so hard.. you make me want to DO THIS and be done with it.. and enjoy life!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    2785 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5156434
    These are all awesome goals and totally do-able! If you ask me, you've got this in the bag!!
    2785 days ago
    You did pretty wonderful for June and I wish you much success in July. I like your idea of writing and recording your goals for the month. It is almost like making a contract with yourself, sort of. I would think it helps you stay motivated to some extent to try to reach your goals you set for yourself. Best of luck to you. I know you can do it. You have proven it so far that you have such determination and drive, you can do anything you set your mind to!

    2785 days ago
    You go girl! And you can't possibly be disappointed in your June! Big goals for July.

    And now the mommy runner in me comes out. It took me over 1.5 years to get up to running 5-6 days a week. And that is really not recommended. Running ever day is a lot! Don't over do it and hurt yourself! Although I know you are sooo young! Enjoy racing. It's fun to run across that finish line!
    2785 days ago
    Great goal setting and congrats on being in the 180"s!! You are doing fantastic. Made me think that I am going to make some July goals today. Thanks for the idea!! Keep it up! Run happy! emoticon
    2785 days ago
    I'm inspired by your setting monthly goals and reassessing at the end! I'm going to think about this today and do it myself tomorrow.

    After all, a goal without a deadline is just a dream!

    I am excited about your 5K. I have one the week before, it will be my first jog one as well. It's amazing that it's easier for me to walk 7 miles than jog 1 mile! We are definitely training new muscles.

    Keep up the good work, Girl!
    2785 days ago
    Great goals! You can do it!
    2785 days ago
    2785 days ago
  • no profile photo CD9681859
    Great Job!!!!! July's goals are great ones and I know you will reach them. Good luck preparing for your big race. You WILL meet ALL your GOALs this month.

    2785 days ago
    You are doing a great job. I want to start working on building up so I can walk 3 miles a couple of times a week. It intimidates me a little so Way To Go You!! I can't wait to hear how this month goes for you and how the race turns out. Have a great time this month and good luck with all of your goals! :)
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2785 days ago
    Congrats Tracy you are doing wonderful i have faith that you will reach all your july goals because you are focused and you stay faithful to your workout regimens i need to set some goals for july and work to meet them. emoticon emoticon
    2786 days ago
    I never ever set specific weight loss goals for myself with specific deadlines. I don't want to feel like I "failed" when I actually did every single thing right, just because my body is being wonky. So I set goals that I know will ultimately lead to successful weight loss (fitness and nutrition and tracking and such). They are things that I CAN control, so if I "fail" I know it was my fault and not just my body responding weirdly to hormones or sodium or whatever. You set yourself up for failure when you set goals you have no actual control over.
    2786 days ago
    I think you did great for June! You cannot rely on the scale to collate or show your efforts.

    I love your 5k goals! I am hoping to run a 5k yet this year (sidelined by leg issues for now) and run most of my 10k in November).

    Have a great week!
    2786 days ago
  • no profile photo CD11888328
    Great goals for this month! I know you can achieve every one of them!!
    2786 days ago
    I think you did GREAT in June! You have some AWESOME goals for July, and I can't wait to watch you meet them. *HUGS*
    2786 days ago
    Great job anyway! You rock!
    2786 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2786 days ago
    sounds like a wonderful plan ! emoticon emoticon
    2786 days ago
    You are doing so amazing. It must be fun to have DH training with you. Great motivation. My DH is walking with me -his pace is faster so it's getting me to the next level and reducing my per mile pace.
    We WILL do this!! Have a great week.

    2786 days ago
    spunds like a good plan and u are already doing great :D
    2786 days ago
    Sound like good goals!!! You weren't too far off from your weight goal and NSV's are great! Keep up the good work!!
    2786 days ago
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