My Weight Loss Jars - Explanation and Pictures!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

I was asked on my last blog what weight loss jars are. Simply put, they are a motivational technique. I shall explain with pictures!

First, I start with two jars; one says "Pounds Left" and the other says "Pounds Destroyed." I have also decorated them with motivational stickers...the one that says "Pounds Left" have purely motivational sayings on them, while the other jar has stickers of Disney...see below!

Secondly, I added a token that signifies my ultimate reward, my Walt Disney World Trip...

I then have smaller tokens that signify my other rewards. The large rocks have my rewards each time I lose 100 pounds. The smaller wooden ones have the rest. As you can see by the next picture, I have written all my rewards on the tokens, save for the Mickey Mouse medal...I thought that one was pretty self explanatory!

Next, I have the glass stones that I'm using to signify every ten pounds lost.

The last thing that goes into the jar is the small glass stones that I'm using to signify every pound I lose, save every tenth one. (See above!)

Finally, I'm adding something different to my weight loss jars. I found these erasers that have a word or two on them. One says "Ooops" and the other says "Live Life to the Fullest." Each week I have a gain and have to take some of my "Pounds Destroyed" and put them back in the jar that says "Pounds Left" I set the the "Ooops" eraser up to remind me throughout the week that I need to work harder. Same goes for the other eraser, except vise versa!

Here is my final product...

And before anyone says that the erasers are not a good idea...I know myself well enough that if I were to gain a certain amount it was because I slacked off a bit...this is purely a motivational tool that I know will work for ME! I hope that y'all enjoy!

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