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Leaving Your Comfort Zone - An Appeal

Sunday, July 01, 2012

In the late 70s I danced with the wild abandon of the youth I possessed. In the 80s I shook my booty a couple times a week at local clubs and discos as most 20 something year-olds did in those days. I wasn't a good dancer, but I made up for the lack of talent in sheer enthusiasm and joy.

Fast forward to my 50s and loads of pounds later. I'm still dancing, but mainly it is in the privacy of my home with or without my 2 year-old grandson. I look...hmmm, I guess the best adjectives are uncoordinated, clumsy, silly, goofy, and odd. Recently I purchased a hula girl workout, a samba workout, and a belly dance workout. I have not mastered a single one of them, yet I keep plugging away laughing at myself throughout. It's cool; I'm in my comfort zone. No one sees, no one cares, right? I can convince myself that I am lithe, supple, and graceful as I trip over my feet and keep up with about 50% of the moves.

On July 28th I'm stepping out of my comfort zone...VERY far out of my comfort zone and that is saying a lot for an extrovert like me. July 28th is National Dance Day. The show So You Think You Can Dance mentioned this last week and gave an invitation/challenge for folks to learn a hip hop routine and a zumba routine they had put together and asked us to video it, upload it to youtube and possibly be part of a montage shown on the program. I got a text from Jenne (BUGGIE111) right after the show that said, "hey, this might be a great thing to do for a spark meet up!" So of course I got all excited as I do when I start thinking about spark rallies and got on Skype with TAMARA6905 and GOLDENDOMER00 and sent them the links as we checked it out together. I hadn't even looked at the routines yet! I've never taken a zumba or hip hop class and watching these two routines all I could say and think to myself was "THEY WANT ME TO LEARN THAT?!?".

But...yeah. On July 28th we are holding a Spark Rally at Lady Bird Johnson Park and we are going to do this. TaMara is going to lead us in the routines. I'll do a 3-5 minute warm up with the group and then we dance. I thought it would be so cool to do this, to get people of all shapes and sizes and all fitness levels together and show the world that we are not ashamed to put ourselves out there, that we are living NOW and living PROUD and having FUN no matter how far we are in on our journey to a healthier lifestyle. I'm an advocate for living life now, not waiting on the weight to drop off, not waiting to be healthier and not missing out on life NOW. But I noticed something tonight...and it made me sad.

There is very little response to this. Most Spark Rallies get a lot of RSVPs, even though some still don't show up. Spark Rallies are so fun, so inclusive, so non-judgemental...so loving. But the fear of putting yourself out there in front of the world is just too much for some folks is all I can figure. I'm hopeful some more folks will sign on, work hard to learn the routines and meet up with us on the 28th and participate. You don't have to memorize the routines, just learn the steps so you can follow along with TaMara. You don't have to do the steps perfectly and if any are too hard for you then all you need to do is improvise a bit...trust me there will probably be a lot of improvisation on my part!

Just take a deep breath and step outside of your fear, won't you? You will amaze yourself at how freeing the experience is. Taking a step like this could open up a whole new world for you. I am not exaggerating here. Ever since I vowed to not let my weight hold me back I have had experiences that I never dreamed I would.

So, San Antonio...what do you say? Not gonna lie, the routines aren't that easy...but they also aren't THAT hard. And the rest of you out there all over creation in Sparkdom...especially you leaders...what say you make your own Spark Rally based around this? How cool would it be to inundate the show SYTYCD with tons of sparkers dancing across the country?

Well, that's my appeal to you. I can't force anyone to do anything, but I do hope this blog has enticed a few folks to do this. Below are the links to the San Antonio Spark Rally page for your RSVP and below that is the link to the two dance routines. Practice them a couple of times a week until the 28th and you should be fine. p.s. to the folks who have signed up despite their fears...I AM SO PROUD OF YOU! For one or two of you I want you to tell you that I totally get how hard it was for you to make this decision...which makes you Rock Stars in my book!

Link to the Spark Rally page (Don't sign up until you see the routines!)


Link to the dance routines:

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • CAROL5250
    I'm not sure of my schedule for that day. If I can I want to be there. I just tried the zumba routine and I need a lot of practice. I hope there will be someone there who knows it and I can follow. Definitely out of the comfort zone.
    Carol emoticon
    2180 days ago
    David would be a great dance partner I think!. I haven't danced in a really long time and I'm hoping that I'll get to with you all. Celebrating my daddy!
    2181 days ago
    Just Dance at any age. It does a body good!!! emoticon
    2181 days ago
    I only recently started dancing in front of other people. When everyone started dancing at my sister's wedding this past May, I stood off to the side, but it was all my siblings and cousins, and i just wanted to join in so much, so I got over my fear and got in there with them. I recently saw what I looked like on my sister's wedding video, and I look just fine. I was surprised, because I really don't know how to dance at all! I always figure I look stupid, no matter my size, haha! I would so join you on this, video or not, stupid-looking or not, if that was an option. I think it doesn't help that it's in the middle of the summer and everyone's got plans. :(
    2181 days ago
  • TAMARA6905
    I'm glad we're doing this, it's going to be fun! I haven't practiced since last week, so I think today I'll work on Zumba!
    2182 days ago
  • EVLOBOS310
    Alicia and I have already RSVP'd but I thought I'd say it again - I'm there!
    2182 days ago
    Sounds like fun. Don't forget to have someone record you all and then send it to Fox.com/dance or dizzyfeetfoundation.org. You might make it on the show! How cool would that be!? emoticon
    2182 days ago
    Sounds like fun! (But I"m a Zumba junkie).
    2182 days ago
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