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DH was surprised by how STRONG I am!

Sunday, July 01, 2012

Yesterday, we met a teacher friend at school - I gave her our old kiln, which was replaced by a new kiln in 2000 or so, when we moved into the new school. (Our old school was destroyed by Hurricane Marilyn in 1995, and we were in portables for 5 or 6 years. But the kiln survived, and still works. My principal okayed the transfer to another school years ago.)

Anyway - teacher friend shows up with a pickup truck, her 17 yr old very tall son, and a 10 yr old neighbor kid who is strong but short. I was there with a heavy duty dolly (upright cart), and my 64 yr old tall and kind-of-strong but-doesn't-work-out husband.

Now, I've lifted the kiln with friend's son, but I'm not tall enough to lift it into the bed of the truck - so he and DH lifted the kiln off the stand, and put it on the dolly. I shifted it (things sticking out etc.). DH lifted the front while son tilted it back, then they drove the dolly down to the truck. Neighbor kid carried the stand. I followed, with friend. (I should interject that while she is strong, and runs, she's the friend who fell off a ledge last year and broke her back and had surgery - so we weren't letting her lift a thing! She's still in rehab.)

Okay, so we get to the truck - have problems opening the tailgate - finally I get it to open, only I kind of slam it into friend's shoulder as she's also working on it. Apologize all over the place.

DH and son lift the kiln - DH is on the left, lifting with his right hand, so his left is in the front, and he nearly tips the kiln over backwards!!!!! So I ran up and steadied the kiln from the back while the two guys got it onto the tailgate. They let go, and just left it sitting there! DH said, "Now what?" I just looked at him, leaned over, and pushed the kiln into the bed of the truck, as far as I could. Thing must weigh a good 75-100 lbs - but it was sitting on plastic, and I was just pushing, so it didn't feel like a big deal.

We tied it down, I talked to friend about how to ensure it's hooked up properly, then they drove off to the ferry.

DH talked all afternoon about how impressed he was that I could push the kiln into the truck, and how I saved the day!

And I keep thinking, yeah, well, this is why I work out! So I can push kilns around!
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