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Clarification About My Objective

Sunday, July 01, 2012

I think I miscommunicated why I posted this comparison photo of a fitness model versus me:

I didn't mean to say that she looks 'better' than me, or that I'm trying to look like her. I was trying to convey the point that 'weight' is meaningless. She and I are both relatively the same height and weight, but our body compositions are very different. A lot of people set goals of weighing '140lbs by xx time'. Weight does not necessarily equate to fitness.

The reason why I've chosen a pull up as a fitness goal is because I need something challenging. If I don't have a goal post, then I tend to do nothing at all.

Why not a pull up? I'm learning that it is a very intense full body exercise that is an excellent marker of overall body strength. Many people overwork certain muscles and underwork others. Being unable to do a pushup OR a pullup is an indicator that one or more of these muscle series is weak.

Therefore, people who can do pushups and pullups have very well balanced overall strength.

I think that is good enough reason for me to do it. I reached my goal 6 months back of achieving college weight. Now I'm reaching higher. I want to be BETTER than I was in college. And I am defining what that means. I'm not competing against anyone else but myself. I'm the one that has to live in my own skin.

I'm not jumping straight into the weights because I've got some pretty weak deficiencies, and I'm risking injury if I push too hard too fast. Doing yoga and swimming might seem kinda odd if I'm trying for a pullup, but it's not if you think about it. Pushups/pullups are full body strength exercises. Yoga and swimming use almost every single muscle in your body. Thus, if you have muscle imbalance like I do where some are much stronger than others, than it is an easy way to transition the body to tighten those deficient muscles naturally. These are also activities that are enjoyable to me, so I'm more likely to do them. They will not be enough on their own to get to a pull-up. I'll add free weights once I feel that my overall muscle balance has improved.

For many years, I was 'fit-fat'. I was active hiking and biking, my favorite activities. Pushing around extra weight while making elevation gains of 3,000ft up mountains left me with a very strong lower body. (pressing 2x my body weight on the leg press), and a very neglected upper body.

My objective is to achieve overall wellness, not necessarily get a pullup the fastest that I can.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    For sure the number does not tell the truth beyond the weight. I have gained a couple pounds back, but my husband asked if I lost weight. The "overall wellness" means a lot more to me than numbers.
    2114 days ago
    Thanks for the further explanation. I like the idea of overall fitness. For me yoga does the trick with some extra cardio riding my bike.
    2116 days ago
    I love this! I've been so much happier since I let go of the number on the scale and focused on strength! I started weight lifting in February and though I gained a few lbs, I look & feel better than ever!

    Great plan & great goal! :)
    2117 days ago
    Dude, I got it the first time, and it was a great point. I think it's a great goal!
    2117 days ago
    I love your plan too! The point is that YOU know your body better than anyone! I KNOW that I can't make running a part of my fitness plan, even thought I know that so many runners have achieved great results. I know that for me, with my feet and ankles as they are, that I am risking big time injury. I choose to do other things. I am proud of you that you are doing what works for YOU! So often, we get sucked into what others tell us works for them, and we forget that we are all made differently.

    Great blog!
    2117 days ago
    I think you've got a great plan and goal....give yourself plenty of time....follow up with consistency....and you can conquer this challenge just like all others.

    BTW, these little ab wheels are pretty cool and cheap....about $10


    While it does work the core, I get a very good burn going on lats and shoulders as well....I think it has helped my pullups
    2117 days ago
    You make a great point, it really isn't about the number on the scale, it is the overall health & fitness. I think your pull-up goal is a great idea, and I like your approach of yoga & swimming. Thanks for a very smart blog!
    2117 days ago
    I totally agree. I've been doing mild isometrics at my desk for several months as a prelude and warmup to more strenuous work and to prevent injuries. At 54 that's a major concern!

    I don't believe that "pain is weakness leaving the body" I think it means you screwed up or were in such a hurry that you overdid it! You have a great, well thought out plan.
    2117 days ago
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