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Friday, June 29, 2012

I don't like deadlines anymore than most people, but I feel like I have to give myself one because nothing else is working. Maybe if I set a target I could actually achieve it.

I'm feeling very down about my weight loss right now. The scale really has not moved at all in six months. I've developed some poor eating habits because I don't stick up for myself the way I used to. Today when I went grocery shopping with my boys I said no to every unhealthy item they requested, but when I decided we should buy potato chips, no one stopped me. Why would they? Why did I even decide we needed them? I don't have an answer for this, I just wanted them. After we emptied the bag I felt guilty. I wasn't being the role model I want to be for them and I felt ugly for polluting my body with processed junk food.

I have my own business as a personal vegan chef and honestly, if I ate the way I cook for my clients, I'd be pretty healthy by now. I'll go off on these "tangents" when I drink green juice for breakfast, eat a huge salad for lunch and dine on brown rice, tofu and vegetables for supper. I'll walk the dog and lift weights and everything will be good. The weight starts to come off and I feel fabulous. Then just as suddenly, I'm porking out on potato chips, having second helpings, not exercising and regaining the few pounds I lost. *sigh*

I've started running.... not the Couch to 5K but a program with a local running group. I run three times a week for 20-25 minutes, keeping a pace I can maintain for the whole duration. I really love it. I'd like to find a running partner so I have to go out between sessions with the running coach. I'd also like to find a gym partner. In a perfect world this would be my life partner, but she's not into health and wellness like I am. She does ride her bike beside me while I jog and she has come to yoga with me, but if the exercise requires breaking a sweat, she doesn't join in. I have to do this on my own. I have a litany of excuses that keeps me from working's too hot, I'm too tired, I have too many other things to do, etc.

Usually when I write these blog posts I edit, rearrange, spell check, perfect the prose... Tonight I'm just letting my words flow. It's a pity party, I know, but please stick with me. I have a plan.

After many years on SP, I've decided to follow the program. Really? Yes, it's true... I will calorie count... I will log my food, I will log my exercise. I will set goals. It occurred to me this week that I probably ingest 300 calories per day just tasting/snacking while prepping food. A very bad habit. I also eat far too many plant fats. I'm in the middle of re-reading Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman and I'm learning so much. I want to start eating a low fat plant based diet.... how will I ever eat a salad without olive oil again, or avocados or walnuts or pumpkin seeds? These are staples of my diet and have been for the past year or more. I think I need to re-read the Engine 2 diet and cook book too. I have fallen off the wagon in more ways than one... I've made excuses that have made it okay to eat avocados and olive oil every day. No wonder I'm not losing any weight. 70% of weight loss is the food you eat, 30% is the exercise you do.

*sigh* (again)

My goal is to journal my food, stay under 1800 calories per day, optimally 1500 calories, follow a plan combining Eat to LIve with Engine 2. Exercise as much as I can without burning out, but getting in my running and getting in my Chalean Extreme weight training program. I'm getting married next year and I want to look phenomenal... but until then I want to look and feel terrific too.

Oops, found a spelling shoot me.
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    That's great that you've joined a running group! What a fantastic way to stay accountable. Actually, your post has inspired me to join a group or a team sports type of activity. I like to exercise but get bored if I'm by myself.

    Good luck with eliminating some of your food "tangents". I also have the same problem. I love my avocados, olive oil, and other healthy food that can be too caloric if I'm not careful with moderation.
    2144 days ago
    You're post brings up so many things for me. I love the idea of an almost 1/2 year plan. That time frame allows for being human and the ups and downs of life.
    It struck me what you said about being a vegan chef, cooking beautifully for others but not giving yourself the same care. Hmm....
    It's really something to be able to have differences with your life-partner and that is okay. I admire that quality a lot.
    I see consistent workout-partners at my gym. I've been going to yoga lots lately. I feed off a room full of people concentrating together on the same thing. It is community.
    The idea of not eating avocados, nuts, olive oil...I understand from your writing that you will be embarking on a low-fat plant-based diet. I'm of a different thought. I grew up eating a no-fat plant based diet. That was big in the 1980s. Finally, I find myself healthy eating primarily plant based protein and fats and reining in on the carbohydrate and sugars (complex carbs and fructose) Every body is different. I don't know all the science. I just know that my body responds well to this way of eating. (Don't we need fat to metabolize protein?) I do know that eating fat doesn't mean getting fat. Things are more mysterious and complex than that. Another hmm....
    Jut a few subjective thoughts. I wish you loads of luck, joy, and perseverance with this journey to your December goal.
    2152 days ago

    Comment edited on: 7/1/2012 7:04:14 AM
    what a great plan! Getting back to the basics is always wise when you get off track. As you know the Spark Nutrition Tracker is geared toward those that do NOT eat a plant based diet. So while logging the food for calories is great, I find that looking to Spark for your limits on carbs and protein is troublesome. ETL and E2 are great programs on their own. Good luck!! emoticon
    2152 days ago
    It sounds like you have a plan.

    Sometimes, trying to be 100% on track leads me to being 100% off track. Sounds like you've experienced the same. So now, I allow myself one day a week where I can exceed my calorie range by 150 cals. AND, if I really, really want a food that I know isn't a good choice, I'll measure out a small portion and allow myself to have it. However -- and this is critical -- that food get logged into the nutrition tracker and it counts toward the day's calorie, carb, fat, protein (and whatever else you track) goals. Maybe allowing yourself a little cheat would help you avoid the big cheats?
    2153 days ago
    i've been dressing salads with Really Good balsamic vinegar, and you don't even miss the oil. i do use small amounts of nuts, seeds, and avocados (generally not all at once - that was one of the things i learned when i started tracking). there are so many good vegan recipes online and in cookbooks, i've been gathering on pinterest. but those choices - the good ones and the bad ones - it's tough. if you make a commitment to track, though, and see where the calories go, and start thinking in terms of "is that how i want to spend my calories?" - maybe it will help? emoticon
    2153 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/30/2012 9:02:49 AM
  • VEGK80
    GOD! You sound just like me right now!! I go back and forth with perfect eating and eating complete garbage (nutritionally speaking). I read ETL for the 3rd time last week and this week have been following it great. I KNOW it is how I need to eat, it is just taking time for me to really commit to it. One thing I did notice this time was that you CAN eat nuts and avocados, he just emphasizes using them in your salads or as a salad dressing rather than PROCESSED oils like olive oil or flax oil. I know that oil is stored in the body almost immediately and that has been the BIGGEST incentive for me to stay away from oil. It is so hard though. Good luck to you!
    2153 days ago
    I guess giving advice to others is easier than giving it to yourself - but I am giving it to the both of us: NEVER GIVE UP!!

    I think you are allowed to give yourself a break every now and then and not feel guilty. What do you think??
    2153 days ago
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