End of June Weigh-In

Friday, June 29, 2012

Weight Last Week: 314.4
Weight This Week: 309.8

...and 307.6...and 304.2...and 304.8...

*lol* My scale is having multiple personality disorder or something. I'm taking the highest reading, and also the reading I got naked after my morning shower, which is the higher number. As for body fat %...I'm back up to 47.8 according to my reader.

It really took me half the week this week to get my rear in gear. With some high calorie days to start the week and some low calorie ones at the end of the week as I struggled to find the happy place, I probably averaged around 2400-2600 per day. (I'm too tired to do math right now.)

I also accomplished nearly every schedule exercise this week AND a couple unscheduled ones.

Friday - 1.15 mile walk/run with the big dog (unscheduled)
Saturday - nada
Sunday - nada
Monday - 900 yards in the pool
Tuesday - 1.5 mile walk/run (C25k W1D1)
Wednesday - 900 yards in the pool before work and 45 minute ST circuit with the trainer after work...

...and that's why I haven't done anything since Wednesday. *lol* I was supposed to run yesterday but I woke up with the biggest migraine of my life, and once that finally subsided, the DOMS set in and I haven't walked right since about noon yesterday. I'd say that was just a SMIDGE too much, but it was my last go with Tanner, so that's alright. He gave me some great exercises to keep up with so I can improve my running and swimming muscles. I know that because what hurts are: quads, shoulders, and abs.

I have to admit I was really down on myself during my session, but Tanner snapped at me and told me to stop, and I listened. I explained to him my 7-month plateau and he had no words for why things stopped working and thinks I'm making all the right adjustments (eating more, took a week or two off the stress of it all and just relaxed for a bit to give my mind and body a rest, and now getting back to it like I did day one).

Yesterday I spent much of the (HOT!!!) day on the computer planning out a Paleo meal plan for the next week or two. My shopping cart was something precious to behold. The only heavily processed crap I bought was: cereal, bread, bagels, 2 mini frozen pizzas and 2 pkgs of Hot Pockets - all for the boys. When I'm not here and they're left pretty much to themselves all day, I have to have some quick grabs for them. Proudest thing, though? When I got home, the first thing 2 of my 3 boys attacked was the fruit bowl! *pride*

So I'm following a pretty good start yesterday and a rather prideful shopping trip with a good day today.

Breakfast - 3 eggs with mushrooms, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and a bit of oregano and 2 Morningstar "sausage" links (not exactly Paleo...) and some coffee with cream (def. not Paleo..I need to work on that)

After my eye doc appointment - a green paleo smoothie made with 1 cup spinach, about 3/4 cup of mixed frozen fruit and some coconut water

And now I'm eating a spinach salad with grilled chicken, homemade balsamic vinaigrette, a dash of walnut oil (the vinaigrette is just made, so I needed a dash of oil to cut up the vinegar bite until it sets up more), some walnut pieces, and mushrooms...and for dessert? A nice, yummy, juicy peach.

I already made a couple things for the week, including:
* Homemade taco seasoning
* Homemade balsamic vinaigrette
* Paleo Chocolate Custard

A word on desserts...

In my family, dessert is a big thing. You eat your meal to earn your dessert. Dessert is the star of the meal and you just simply don't have a great meal without a bite of something sweet after. My mom still carries around mini Reese cups and random other bites of goodness to round out her meals.

Now every time I've tried to be "good" and cut out sweets from my doesn't work. I break after a while...and I break in STYLE! Major sweet binges of the nastiest processed junk you can find on the planet. It's not a pretty picture. So, as I was assessing my diet again and trying to find the best way to succeed, I made a decision - let's try allowing sweets in, but healthy, good-for-me treats. So for dinner tonight, we'll likely have something like Fish and asparagus or grilled chicken and veggie kebabs, and then I will get to sit down and have a pretty glass dish of chocolate custard. I hope this makes the "deprived" feeling go away and I can stick with it more than 80% of the time. Also a good "treat"? FRUIT! NOM! *grabs her peach*

So, yeah...there's a start.

Goals for the week:
* Stick to the Paleo meal plan already set up.

Things included on my meal plan:
* Grilled Pollock
* Oven Roasted Asparagus
* Salmon Cakes
* Grilled Veggie Kebabs
* Beef & Vegetable Chili
* Chicken Salad with homemade Paleo mayo
* Grilled Chicken
* Oven Roasted Bacon Vegetables
* Mushroom and Onion Pork Loin
* Mashed Cauliflower
* Roasted Turnips
* Spaghetti Squash and Meatballs

Also have a bunch of fresh fruit and veggies and extra chicken breast ready for snacks and lunches and the like.

* Get in all scheduled workouts this week, no excuses!

Friday - Run or Swim
Saturday - Rest
Sunday - Rest
Monday - Swim
Tuesday - C25k & ST
Wednesday - Rest
Thursday - Swim
Friday - C25k & ST

* Consume daily average calories around 2400-2600

Weight Goal for Next Week: around 307
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