Day 2:phase two

Friday, June 29, 2012

Day 2 went almost as well as Wednesday. emoticon
Dietary intake was good. I met my protein and fat goals, and was under on my carbs. Which is fine, if I'm going to skimp on anything it should be carbs. The more I eat the more I crave, especially the processed ones. So I try to focus on fruit and veggies, which have lower carb loads.

Calories were right at the top side of my range; I would have liked it to be on the lower end.

I did have crackers and cheese (unplanned) and a cocktail with my husband at dinner (planned) in celebration of him returning from a 2-week trip to the UK. It was a very nice evening, no guilt...just trying to be honest in accounting for my day.

I exercised twice, for a total of 90 minutes. Running for 50 on the treadmill and walking with the dog for the rest. (In preparation for that cocktail!)
Drank plenty of water. emoticon

2 down - I'm on a roll! emoticon
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