Thursday, June 28, 2012

So I have been wavering around this weight for almost a month. I was about 167 at the end of May and have roller coastered since then. To lose weight, I have to drastically change my diet and that works for a few day but then I succumb to sweet temptations (in the form of carbohydrates) and then the extra food/salt/water intake has me all bloated and puffy.

I just don't know how to push through..... It's frustrating because I am so close (well about 14 lbs) from my college weight before I met my current boyfriend. I really want to get there by the end of July.... :-/
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    Thanks for the support and suggestions! I will do better on these! Thank you!
    2420 days ago
    I have an interesting article for you to read - thanks to @MyJourney95 in regards to cravings...


    Maybe try some of these suggestions?
    2421 days ago
    I agree with Sasikhasi1 - lots of fiber, more filling foods so you are not hungry. Salads and proteins. If the drastic plan is only temporary is it worth it? As for the sweets... that is a dragon you are going to have to walk on your own. For me I try to not have temptation in the house, don't have "change" for vending machines or drive throughs. It is amazing when you say "no" out loud how that can work. When you reward yourself in other ways or distract yourself how that can help. It seems like you have found a real issue here to think about or plan for. Congratulations for that That said, there are more options now for portioned treats that are just 100 calories so you don't get a whole bag or more than you need. It does help me to realize that normal people only eat small portions. I want to be normal! Does not work for me so I am better off just avoiding the stuff... but it may be the answer for others. . So... what is your plan? When is it that you give in? For me I know I cannot diet or the sabatoge monster comes into play. But I have instead agreed to myself to eat healthy and slowly given up small things. Less butter. Less white.

    Then the
    2422 days ago
    I m right there with you "literally".
    2423 days ago
    I, like each of us, have been stuck too. I've been at 164-165 for the last month. I just started seeing some reduction about 3 days ago, and now it seems to be coming off faster. Your body will do this on its own. Just change things up a little. Change what you use, and track for a couple of days if you don't normally. The only thing I've changed over the last month was a week ago, I started taking a multivitamin, and eating more protein (I'm a vegetarian and lack in protein everyday). Since I made those changes I've dropped to 162. 2 lpounds change in a week when I've seen nothing for a month. It will get better, just maybe see if you are lacking a nutriet and that might be why your body is fighting. Run the check at the end of the day, and see if you are getting enough protein fiber, etc.
    2424 days ago
  • LARISSA238
    I've been between 212 and 215 for a while now.. lowest I got was 211.5 pounds. *hugs* we can do this together! I just haven't been exercising like I should because it's so hot out. But that's no excuse... I could do some of the Spark Videos here at home.
    2424 days ago
    I've done this for eons. But, when I look at the trends over years, it has been downward. That helps me when I am discouraged. Good luck!
    2425 days ago
    Focus on whole grain and healthy foods, when the sweet tooth hits, have an apple or banana or a peach or some watermelon. You get the idea. Step up your workout. Walk an extra half mile or lift a few extra weights. Confusing your body will get you out of this plateau.
    2425 days ago
    I am fighting at the same weight as you, weighing 167 at night and 164 every morning, but can't get it down. On the other hand, I'm not disciplined at exercising and eating healthy. If I do...ok....if I don't....oh well, I'll try again tomorrow! Good luck to you.
    2425 days ago
    I've been roller coastering too... all year long and then some.
    2425 days ago
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