Failure Is the New Success

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The only way to fail is to quit.

What I've previously labeled as "failure" (cheating on diets, gaining weight, etc.) isn't actually failure because I learn from those things. In fact, this can carry over in to other parts of my life. When a boyfriend and I broke up, I learned things about myself that needed to change or else I learned that I couldn't stand certain traits in a person. When I didn't get a job I wanted, I learned how to present myself better and I strived to improve my resume. When I was broke and living paycheck to paycheck, I learned how to be frugal and how to survive on less than I thought I could.

If things had automatically worked out, I'd never have learned those things. I wouldn't become a better person.

You've all probably heard the phrase "______ is the new ______". (Like pink is the new black or orange is the new pink or Bieber is the new Timberlake or Cam Gigandet is the new Brad Pitt) It means that something was popular but has been replaced by this new thing.

Failure is the new success.

That is my new saying. Failure isn't actually failure but is a prerequisite to success. Without trial and error, there is no success. If I were to succeed the first time I tried something, then I didn't learn anything about it. That success might not ever be repeated because I didn't work for it and didn't learn how to get there. So is it really success or is it beginner's luck?

Yoda tried to tell me this once and I pretty much ignored him. I was whining to him about my lack of progress and said that I was failing him. He told me that the only way he'd ever think I failed is if I quit. If I was trying, then I wasn't failing.

It's hit me the past couple of days in all aspects of my life. I did something that I thought meant I had failed epically, but the more I think about it the more I realize that by not succeeding, I learned a lot about myself.

1. I am stronger than I think. I can make it through things I thought I never could.

2. I learn from my mistakes and I carry what I learn into my future.

3. Sometimes failure is necessary. It makes me take a hard look at myself.

4. After I've failed, success is so much sweeter because I earned it.

5. People who stick by me during/after my failures are my true friends.

6. People who only like me because I succeed are leeches and not true friends.

7. Every time I fail, I'm a little bit stronger when I get up again.

8. I don't mind failing as much as I used to - it gives me a chance to be more creative the second time.

9. Failure shapes the way for greatness. I am becoming great.

10. Failure gives me the determination I need to be successful.

So, if you think you're failing right now then think of it a different way. You're using the trial and error method. You're creating a path for success by figuring out which paths don't lead to the place you want to go. One by one you're checking those paths and blocking them off. Soon you'll have the right path.

Above all, never quit. Once you stop trying, you have stopped making your way to success. That is failure.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SWP0213
    Another great blog, and just the message I needed to hear. I've officially kicked myself in the a** today, and I'm working on getting back on track. Thanks again for always being an inspiration!
    2123 days ago
    Well put! emoticon
    2123 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2123 days ago
    Great blog with a great message. Instead of beating ourselves up and considering ourselves to be failures, we need to see that we're still here and we're still trying, and we are still moving forward. Love your new phrase!! Failure IS the new success!
    2123 days ago
    Love it love it love it
    2123 days ago
    Love it!
    2123 days ago
    Love this blog! It contains so much powerful insight. emoticon
    2123 days ago
    So very true! As long as there is still a possible path to success and you haven't quit trying to find it, you haven't failed.

    Great blog.
    2123 days ago
    Sounds like you have learned a lot of great life lessons. It doesn't matter how many times you get knocked down, as long as you always get back up.

    2123 days ago
  • CRIS76
    Edison said "I have not failed 10,000 times. I have successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work." - its a topic that I know I have blogged about and one I enjoy reading when others blog about it to. There is something to be said about a person that understands that just because your expected outcome isn't the first outcome, that the actual isn't so bad either.

    Loved the blog :)
    2123 days ago
    yeay! well said! mistakes are made to be learned from and all that! so so true!
    2123 days ago
  • SGRAY478
    Lessons are best learned rather than told in my opinion (ya know, like your mom telling you not to touch something and you do it anyway to figure out why, haha). I am glad you figured out how right Yoda was :)
    2123 days ago
    One of my favourite things to think of is

    "I haven't failed... I have succeessfully determined how NOT to do something"...

    Inspired by a quote I read once about inventing the lightbulb. A Thomas Edison quote... I just googled it:

    "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

    Also, to think of some of the great thinkers, and realize they spend decades, even half a century, trying to figure something out before they are "successful" in determining the solution... super inspirational.


    nks for the blog!

    2123 days ago
    And what I love about this blog is that you've realized the truth that someone very smart has been telling you all along (Like Dorothy realizing the shoes could have taken her back to Kansas at anytime). It's amazing when you finally really understand, not just hear, what someone tells you, and then you take it in and make it your own.

    2124 days ago
    You Are So Smart. What do I have to do to make this a Popular Blog?
    2124 days ago
    Well said! People are so scared of failure! It reminds me of the quote by Edison. "I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."
    2124 days ago
    I love this!!!I was feeling down on myself & this picked me right on UP!!Thanks emoticon
    2124 days ago
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