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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I typically only write one blog a week, but after the weekend I had, a special edition was due. A week ago today, we were lounging around, doing nothing, but that did not last long. Soon Thursday came, and Kernen's aunt from Massachusetts, flew in to help celebrate his nephew's 21st birthday. The night was pretty quiet, we packed our bags for the weekend, and I kept to my calories. Then, Thursday turned into Friday, and we were on our way to the casino. I made sure to pack a cooler of snacks that I could eat while there, so I wasn't wasting money or calories on foods I shouldn't be eating. Well, I'm sure we've all heard this before; God laughs when we make plans...and that's exactly what happened.

Since there was a large group of us at the casino, we all divided up into three rooms, and I was fortunate enough to land myself in the suite (or so I thought). I took my food out of the cooler, and put it on the kitchen counter, I then placed my cold stuff in the fridge (the benefit of the suite). Before I knew it, everyone was gathered in the suite to hang out, and my food was gone, I think I manged to save a granola bar and tiny box of 100 calorie cereal. So after the food was raided and some of the beer had been drank, everyone then headed down to the casino floor...I however did not. I stayed back to wait for the maintenance guy to show up to fix the room safe. About 30 minutes later, I finally leave the room, and head for the stairs and not the elevator...and by the way, did I mention that our room was on the 7th floor. So I get downstairs, and start walking around...I think I played for all of ten minutes before I ran into someone from our party who suggested we head back upstairs...so once again I avoid the elevator and take stairs...so many stairs.

I return to the suite and sit down for only a moment, while getting in some much needed H2O, before Kernen suggests that we go back down to the casino together this time to try our luck. I'm hesitant at first, mostly because I just sat down, but I comply and I immediately start for the stairs. Of course I have absolutely no support with this, all I hear is "don't take the stairs, just ride in the elevator", and "we're here to have fun, not workout, don't do that"...and I hear it from everyone. To say I had negative support with this, would be an understatement of epic proportions. Moving on, we wandered about the casino for a bit, until Kernen had the brilliant idea to enter the poker tournament (let me save you the anticipation of wondering how he did...he didn't go out first, but he didn't win either-his brother took that honor). Multiple hours have passed at this point since I had anything to eat, and since I had a BOGO on the buffet, we went there...unbeknownst to me, there was a seafood buffet that day, so my options were quite limited. I ate a serving of cheese ravioli and splurged a bit on dessert...creating a brownie sundae with the soft serve ice cream. Didn't really have much time to eat after that, since the tournament was starting shortly, so we finished up and headed out. Kernen went one way while I went another, more specifically, back to the stairs, and to the room.

I stayed up in the room until after Kernen was knocked out of the poker tournament, then Kernen, his aunt, and myself all went back down to the casino floor...as I went my own way to the stairs, I heard once again "just come with us..." blah, blah, blah...I'm fed up at this point with the lack of support and I call them out on it, asking where all the support was, the response I got was resounding..."oh you are doing great" says Kernen as he walks away toward the elevator. But I have to give the guy credit, at least he tried to be positive, even if it was after I said something.

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

I'm going to skip a little bit of the night here, since nothing too impressive happened. But onto the part that was interesting...after much poking and prodding from one of his brothers, Kernen and I went downstairs to the casino one final time before crashing in bed for the night. We walked all over the place to try and find random family members, and we spent a little bit of our money in the slot machine...now, hang on to your hats, it's about to get good. Kernen and I decided that it was time to call it a night, we had a $31.50 ticket, and that was pretty much the end of our money (we didn't go with much to begin with). As we are walking toward the elevator/stairs...we pass by a $1 machine, and I get to thinking "I might as well just make my ticket an even $30" so I play on the machine, and lucky me...I win $5, Kernen wants me to walk away, but I think, "one more hit", so I hit the $2 button, and the numbers start spinning...the first one stops...double 7s, the second one stops...double 7s, the third one stops...5X!!!!! I just won $1000!!!!!

Oh yea, that's me...laying on the bed with over $1000!!! (Tried my hand at a little roulette after my big win, and walked away with another $100). After my roll in the cash, we finally went to bed. When the trip was over, we all drove home and had a bonfire, with s'mores, and I did quite well, normally I would eat an entire bags worth of them, but I only had 2...one with a hershey bar and one with a peanut butter cup (delicious by the way). Nothing too eventful occured Sunday or Monday either, but Tuesday...we went to the movies and saw Snow White and the Huntsman (awesome movie) and then Madagascar 3 (an equally awesome movie). During Madagascar there were only 2 other people in the theater with Kernen and myself, so when they left we went to the front of the theater and danced to all the end credits...a first for both of us. It was one hell of a workout and a lot of fun, I totally recommend it. Today finished off the week, and even though it was stifling outside, Kernen and I went for a 35 minute walk (1.66 miles). So, that's my week in review, and I know most of it focused on just one day, but you get the idea.

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  • -AIRYN-
    Congrats on the win!! That is awesome. Always nice to come home w/more than you left with!

    Sorry about the negative Nellie's, but as someone else said, remember, we are all there for ya!! Good luck!
    2462 days ago
    We will be there!!! emoticon
    2462 days ago
    AWESOME!! I'm so proud of you for making good efforts at the casino with the steps!! WOO HOO

    Congrts on the win.. Sounds like I need to have a talk with Kasey bout the elevator!! LOL . Ya'll coming tonight to the meeting? 10pm?
    2462 days ago
    Seafood is not so much a favorite of mine as it is a killer...very very allergic to it, I guess I should have mentioned that above.
    2462 days ago
  • _MOBII_
    I kept thinking to myself "she should win something for all her valiant efforts on the stairs!"

    I was so glad when I got to that part! WooHoo!!!
    Awesome job on the buffet too! Seafood is one of my favorites!

    2462 days ago
    Sounds like the trip ended well
    2462 days ago
    Crazy week that was, and is about to turn into yet another crazy week of making em' go "oh! oh! oh!" For those not on the inside, I am a licensed pyrotechnics exhibitor, and she a licensed exhibitor's assistant...all in all in charge of shooting of a show for a small town of 8,000 people. At least that will serve as a good opportunity to get a work out in! :) Great self control at the casino, I really am proud of you!
    2462 days ago
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