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Flashbacks... the ultimate reminder to fight

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm being reminded daily why I never want to be obese again! As my clothes continue to get tighter, my body changing in shape, and of course not having energy quite like I did before.

If you're thinking...
If she doesn't want to go back... then why is she?

Well, if you didn't know, I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant. The weight I'm gaining isn't from slacking with my exercise or resorting to old eating habits, it's all apart of the changes my body is going through while nurturing a growing baby.
Regardless, I'm having flashbacks everyday of where I was before I lost 77 lbs, how I felt... it's horrible!

Just to name a few:

Less energy

Shortness of breath

Clothes getting tighter

Lower intensity level for workouts

And physical pain.

My hip has started giving me trouble because of my body not only putting on weight for the first time in almost 3 years, but also from my body shifting it's shape around. I had forgotten how hard it is to do anything when you ache! My hip will shoot pain down my leg when I get in certain positions that cause me to completely freeze, and other times it's a lot of discomfort, even just walking.
Do I give up and lay on the couch for the rest of this pregnancy? Goodness no! I went to the chiropractor which only helped me for about 12 hours, so now it's up to me for the most part. I am and will continue to do lots of stretching and different positions to relieve the pain, and will continue to be as active as I can be, even if it means bringing my intensity level down even more. Doesn't matter how low my intensity level is, the point is... I'm being active! I'm doing it!

The shortness of breath is almost as annoying as my hip, it's constant, and the littlest things get me huffing and puffing! Reminds me of +77 pounds climbing the stairs, or trying to play with my kids, or even just get off the couch to go to the kitchen and back again.

While I hate feeling this way...
1.) I'm glad it's for a temporary reason, and a good one
2.) I'm thankful for the reminder of why I fought to get where I am
3.) I'm thankful for the fuel this gives me to do this pregnancy the right way
4.) I'm thankful for the reminders that will cause me to get right back where I was after delivery.

I wish people who are overweight and hurting KNEW it didn't have to be that way, or certainly not as physically painful(e.g. if you suffer from an injury or arthritis).

I've been pain free (besides a few injuries, I'm referring to overweight related) for over 2 years!
I've said it many times before, but you have to CHOOSE your pain.
The negative pain of physically aching from being overweight, and all the other countless pains that come with it


The positive pain of working out, making better choices, and all the other hard work that comes with CHANGING your LIFE

So which do you choose?

I'm so thankful this is only temporary! Guess what?!? You might not be pregnant... but yours CAN be temporary too!
Everything you THINK and FEEL right now... could just be a memory!
Do you love yourself enough to change it all? To make that lifestyle change? To make it only a memory?

I can't fight your journeys for you, but you better believe I'm cheering you on and here to support you! Do it for you... you have nothing to lose by trying... and if you stick with it, you have everything to gain!

Rock it out

fight for the future

fight to make it only a memory

go get it

Much love!


A previous pregnancy, night before delivery

Currently... 19 weeks
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my gosh. Another amazing blog post! I need to start reading your stuff daily cause its amazing! I love the point you made of the decision between the two different pains! Its the truth! Keep up your awesomeness Em. You are an inspiration. :)
    2123 days ago
    I'm glad you recognize the positives! Keep on focusing on them and the happiness this short discomfort will bring you will completely be worth it!
    2155 days ago
    You look fantastic! I remember being in the same position you are in now and thinking the exact same thing. "How the heck did I walk around with all that extra weight for so long?" It's amazing. We forget how debilitating it is. It deifnitely kept me from doing things that I love like running. It feels so good to be back on the pavement even in this 100 degree heat.

    Just a few more weeks and then you'll be pain-free and back to working out full force. Just don't push it too hard right now. Lots of stretches and lots of walks. That's basically all I did for the last trimester. Good luck!
    2155 days ago
  • DRKEYEZ820
    You said it girl, its TEMPORARY! Its funny, because i was planning on saying that, and opps u said it for me :)
    You know this will go away as soon as u have the baby, because u and i both know no matter how tiring it gets, or where we can find the time, u WILL get it done. This is whats different girl, You werent ready for the change with your first pregnancy and now, you embrace it- u will fight for it!

    Pain sucks- ive lived and dealt with back pain since sophmore year in hs. I have scoliosis as well as low back pain from standing. But i agree, when i first lost the weight i DID notice pain difference, wasnt AS bad, etc. So glad u did this blog. I loved your encouraging words and support from every angle :)

    You look adorable!
    2156 days ago
    First, emoticon Emily! You look emoticon ! Great blog and although I have been super motivated lately, this was just what I needed!!!!
    2156 days ago
    I had pain shooting down my leg during my 1st pregnancy but needed to keep working so my doctor sent me to a specialist who fitted me with a brace that made a huge difference. It looked like a corset and I had to have it adjusted periodically as my belly grew but it was a life saver. Good luck to you.
    2156 days ago
  • _JODI404
    Great blog Em! 19 weeks & looking fit & fab!!! emoticon emoticon

    Hope you can manage that hip pain OK! Love your "nothing is stopping me" attitude!! you go girl!! emoticon
    2156 days ago
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