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Next Thing to Buy. . . A quality sports bra! Eh. . . TMI?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So I bought my running shoes a few weeks ago, and they're awesome. I'm so happy I sprung for them and went to a real running store, despite my fear about not fitting in there and looking like a fraud. Ridiculous, I know, but I still felt that way going in. (I found out one foot is normal and the other mildly overpronates. Who knew. I guess that explains the extra wear on the soles of my left shoes and the weird ridge of callous on my left heel that's developed since I started walking/running regularly.)

Next thing to buy? A good, sturdy sports bra. One that's not a cotton contraption of evil! Oh, and I kinda want a interval watch -- like a gymboss. . . neat! -- because holding my stopwatch while running makes me feel like a nerd. . . and a hydration belt because I get sooooooooooooooo thirsty and I want to look like a superhero, but I'll probably wait on that until I'm running an hour or more at a time. . . and sports sunglasses that won't bounce off my face while running, and, you know, non-cotton socks so I don't wind up with athlete's foot or blisters or something, annnnnnd. . . Aren't there some undies that'll wick sweat away from the southern region? Running around in sweaty underwear feels gross. Why does nobody talk about that? It can't be just me. Yeah, anyway. . . Who knew there could be so much stuff to buy? This coming from somebody that doesn't really enjoy shopping. . .

This week I made my 1,000+ fitness minutes goal for the month for the fourth month in a row. I think i deserve a good, sturdy, non-cotton sports bra. Since I started exercising (and running, especially!), I've been doubling up with one of my regular, armor-like bras plus an el-cheapo cotton sports bra and it's done a decent job keeping the girls in place, no attempts at a prison break, but. . . UGH. It's uncomfortable, it's sticky and unpleasant after I begin to sweat (which happens with any good workout, of course), and. . . It's uncomfortable! They should put warning labels on racerback bras: Do NOT use if you're well endowed up top! (Although I seriously don't know how anyone with more than a b-cup could wear that and not jiggle. I tried wearing just the cotton sports bra and skipping my regular bra and let's just say that wasn't an option.) Basically, the weight of the girls goes straight to my trapezius muscles. . . like those aren't sore and stiff all the time already. The plus side of all this exercise and subsequent weight loss is that things have, uh, shrunk a little in that department, but still. There's more than enough left. . . so, yeah, I really should invest in a good sports bra made of the right materials. I guess I'll have to do some research, but if anyone has suggestions for specific bras, I'd LOVE to hear them. I'd especially love to hear about any that I could possibly pick up in the store because I really don't want to purchase one online if I don't have to. (You never really know how they'll fit and I hate returning things I've bought online. It's such a hassle.) So, yeah, I'm off to research a good sports bra, but suggestions are more than welcome!
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  • CHERRY666
    Thank you for all the suggestions! Hopefully I'll find one that works well. =)

    Nobody likes to be hit in the face by their girls. =P I don't have the make-up skills to cover a black eye! Ha.

    Morticia -- ha, yeah, I'll probably buy none of that except the bra. Just make do with what I have until it wears out. . . Theennnnnnnnn maaaaaayyyyybe. I'm too chea-- er. . . "frugal" to buy much for myself unless it's really needed. But, jeez, seriously. . . for such a minimalist sport as running they really have everything and more out there. What does a person who's into something like biking do?!?! emoticon

    . . .

    Just looked at Enell's site and apparently I'd have to custom order because my measurements place me in two different sizes. Boo. . . although the idea of a custom made bra sounds pretty good, and that it's an option. . . Hmm.
    2122 days ago
  • EILI359
    I'm an E cup & the best I've used is Enell - I wouldn't use anything else now. Very comfy even when running and no black eyes which is always a bonus lol xx
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2122 days ago
    Enell is good, that's what I have now, and I'm a 36E. The next one I will be getting though is the Panache sports's the brand of regular bra that I wear daily (and love!) and I've heard incredible things about it.
    2123 days ago
    Good luck! It sounds like you have a lot of shopping to do. LOL.
    2124 days ago
    Still looking for one myself...this double bra thing is ok but I would really like to have just 1. I have never owned a sports bra in my life even when I was smaller. The jiggle and the bounce damn near killed me and my face! So I think I will be looking up those links that Trillium posted. As I said before the rack is huge! You now have proof!
    2124 days ago
    My local Fleet Feet does bra fitting of sports bras. That being said I have bought many of my sports bras online.

    Unfortunately spark does not make links in blog comments, so you'll have to cut and paste.

    My first one was an enell It did keep everything in place. I was probably a 38 DDD at the time.

    I now wear a Champion Sports bra with underwire and that come in real bra sizes. I don't mess with those S,M,L bras. I now can get by with a 34 DD.

    I did get a bra similar to the above Champion from Sports Authority, but they only carry white and black ---at least in my style at my store. I did order when Champion was having a good sale.

    I've also worn a Moving Comfort Fiona bra, but one of my daughters stole it.
    2124 days ago
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