I felt like that lady in the Wizard of Oz..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I live in SW Florida. Tropical Storm Debbie has been going crazy for the past week and I havent really been able to enjoy the great outdoors so to speak. So, after the downpour from this morning.. it cleared up long enough to the point that the sun actually came out of the clouds for 35 mins. As soon as I saw the sun starting to poke its pretty head, I jumped on my bike and went for what was supposed to be a really relaxing ride.

It turned out to be a 27 min. torture session.. I couldn't believe how hard the wind was blowing.. I seriously didnt think I could do it but I kept up pushing and I made it.. I did a little more than 2 miles in that horrid 27 min... and then.....

I rewarded myself with an Otter I love them..
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