Avoiding the Scale is Always Bad....

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I had regained some weight back over the holidays and had every intention of getting back on track......but guess what I did? I avoided the scale and and continued to be "bad". So it was no surprise that when I weighed in at the beginning of June, not only did I have the 20 pounds of holiday weight....they found some friends, equaling 32 in total. 32 pounds!

This was disappointing on so many levels. First of all, I broke back into the 200's. Ugh! Second, the pounds under 200 came off really hard lat year. My easy weight was already gone. I had months where I was lucky to have loss 4 pounds and now I was starting over. I back on track. Not just for 3 days, then I fall off the meal plan and undo all my efforts. I am totally committed :) So after 3 weeks, I have lost 9 of those 32 pounds. I am hoping to lose all those 32 and a few more :)

So the encouragement and support is truly appreciated :)
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