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Diet strategies article - Definitely worth a read!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Rusty Moore's Fitness Black Book is one of my go-to online resources for information and discussion on leading-edge strategies for getting and staying lean. What I enjoy most about Rusty's site is that he's not an advocate of 'one size fits all' thinking when it comes to fitness and nutrition...

His blog today is a case in point - an overview of 5 or 6 of the most-vaunted dietary approaches to 'lean-ness'. Lots of links to deeper resources for each approach. What I enjoy most about this article is that, with a couple of tweaks, it pretty much mirrors how I handle nutrition these days....picking and choosing from the approaches to eating that work well for me, but no longer staying 'married' to just one way of doing things.

Oddly or not, this article was welcome validation for what I'm beginning to find 'works' for me at this stage....starting my 3rd year of maintenance, in the final years of my 40's and happily getting my head in line with my heart.

As a not-so-closet perfectionist, I often carry around a sense that I need to belong to one camp or another....and when I inevitably am ready to leave that camp, there is a sense of failure or having given up. What I am learning...in maintenance and in life overall....it is more than okay to customize. Heck, I'm beginning to believe it's essential!

So here goes - the link - seriously check it out...it covers everything from low-cal to low-carb to Intermittent Fasting....and talks about how he uses each of them on an ongoing basis to meet his own goals....while still having a life!

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