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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Things finally settled down a little so that I could blog about my weekend.

The weekend involved a little stress, very little sleep, bug bites, sun burn, and voice a little hoarse. I know what you all are thinking.... what the heck did you do over the weekend?

Well Friday night was a perfect night for a bonfire. So we got everything going with the fire blazing and all the smore fixings ready. But my MIL called asking my hubby to help her out bringing his dad into the hospital. He was having major stomach pains that he just couldn't take it anymore. He is in remission for his leukemia and has been struggling ever since his stem cell transplant in January. He is so weak that he has to wear pants to help lift his leg up. So hubby brought his dad in and I called my MIL asking her to come over for the bonfire. She needed a little relaxation from everything that has been going on and someone there to talk too.

So even though we had the stress, it was a nice night. My BIL and his family came over and the kids had fun chasing each other around playing "Black Magic", trying to catch fire flies, and roasting smores. The adults had fun sitting back and relaxing by the fire. (not moving.... getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. LOL)

Picture of my daughter roasting a marshmallow.....

The evening ended around 11:00 but my hubby still was not home so that made it a restless night for me. He finally came home around 3:30 am after they finally admitted his dad.

Having a horrible nights sleep, it was very hard to wake up Saturday morning. But my boys had a baseball tourney so I had no choice. They ended up being a little late to their game... whoops... but they made it. It was a great game and I even got some great photos....

See the ball in this picture?

Yeah, that ball hit me. I was so consumed with getting a great shot of my son battling that I wasn't paying attention to the game or to the crowd saying, "heads up". The ball hit me smack dab on my right thigh and man.... did it burn. I walked away saying "Ahhhhh, that's going to leave a mark". It welted up right away so I went to the concession stand to get some ice. I iced it the whole rest of the game and this is what it looks like today.....

I still don't think the picture does justice of how big it is our the coloring. But you can get the picture. It is still extremely sore and is still kind of welted up. I bruise really easy so I knew this was going to leave a pretty good mark. I think it will take weeks to get rid of. My son felt so bad but I just told him that if he was aiming for me, I should have been out in center field.


The rest of Saturday was attending a graduation open house and then relaxing in the evening. My head pounded most of the day because of the lack of sleep so it was nice not having anywhere to go.

Sunday were more tournament games and it was a hot one. (Thus the sun burn....)

Our first game we got creamed by the other team. The team was getting very down and lost all their spark but my boys got them rallied up and we actually ended the game with a decent inning. We still lost (16-6) but at least the self esteem was back up.

Here is a picture of my son with his rally cap on....

The second game the team was all fired up and ready to go. The coach brought mascara (from his wife.....LOL) to mark up the boys with some war paint. Even Kacie did it....

We were up in runs the whole game but the other team eventually caught up in the 5th inning and then tied the score in the 6th. So overtime it was..... It could have been anyone's game but the other team had a little more in the end. We lost by one taking fourth place. It was a great season though and I am very proud of all the boys!

After a long day in the sun all we wanted to do is come home and veg out. But my oldest had one more sporting event to go to. He was invited to attend the traveling basketball workouts. He is hoping to try out this summer. I told him that he could skip but he insisted that he went. So off to the courts we went. He played basketball for 1 1/2 hours after just playing 2 tournament games where he pitched 6 innings. His arm was hurting!

I snapped this shot as I was watching the boys play. The clouds looked really neat that night....

So after the practice was over I picked up the other two kids and decided that they deserved a treat. With all the playing they did and through all the heat, the frozen yogurt would taste really good. Our town just opened up a Yo-Joes and it is a very fun place to go. It is a serve your own frozen yogurt and pick your own toppings. Then the tables are meant for drawing on and they have dry erase markers to use. Very fun!

So yes, I had a little stress, very little sleep, bug bites, sun burn, and voice a little hoarse but all in all, it was a GREAT weekend! Can't wait until the next one!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oo, now I know how did the football guys get those black marks on their face - from mascara LOL

    What a wonderful day, with bonfire and marshmallow, mmm. And the baseball game, even though you get bruises without playing in the field, I guess you can tell people that you caught the ball with your leg, hehe. Hope your FIL will get better :)
    3126 days ago
    Love your blogs! The pictures are always great! Hope your arm is healing! That looks like a nasty bruise! The sacrifices you make for a great shot. ;)

    Hope you are having a great week!
    3132 days ago
    Your leg has me cringing. Ouch. Hope you are able to catch up on some sleep this week and hope your FIL is doing better. Yo-Joes looks like a fun place. I'll have to remember that when we are out and about. Glad you had a great weekend.
    3133 days ago
    Wow, what a jam-packed weekend! Hope that leg is healing up a bit. Maybe an ice bath would help...
    3134 days ago
    Sounds like a jam packed weekend!!! Hope your leg feels better...looks like it hurts!!! Those Fro yo places are popping up around here them!!!
    3134 days ago
    Wow, supermom!! haha emoticon

    Ouch, that leg looks painful!
    3134 days ago
    What a fun weekend!! Ouch....hope your leg heals fast.....that looks like it hurts!!! Cute kiddos! :)
    3134 days ago
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