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Wal Mart Workout

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yes you read it right, I called it the Wal Mart workout. How many times have you heard of people walking at the mall for exercise? Well, why not workout at Wal Mart. I found most Wal Mart layouts, especially Supercenters, have a very large main walk area. I measured three of the stores in my area, and they range from 3 tenths of a mile to a 1/4 mile. And with most Wal Marts being open 24 hours, early morning walks are great and it's not busy. Most manager don't have a problem with you walking workout.
If you shopping, you can get a lot of your stretching done. Reaching over carts, for high shelves, or low shelves.
Another thing I do that gets me a work out is I cross store shop. I get one item on one side, go to other side of store for next item. I continue to do this til I finish my shopping. As I'm walking I take one of my can goods and do arm curls as I'm shopping also.
You can really work up a sweat just going to Wal Mart, or any store you shop. Just remember rules are no riding bikes in the store.
God Bless and Keep Smiling
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