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I'm Baaaaaack!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Yes that’s right, I’m back! I have been absent (more or less) from SP for the last 18 months or so, proving to myself and the world at large that I’m in control of my healthy lifestyle, my nutrition and fitness. Turns out the last year or so I have been just a little bit out of control with a couple of those things :D I’m still leading a (mostly) healthy lifestyle and I still make good choices half the time, my nutrition has slid somewhat as I have rediscovered my sweet tooth, and fitness has definitely fallen by the wayside since I have been allowing myself to make excuses – you know the ones “I don’t have time” “I have to finish this (insert something here) today” “it’s too cold/hot” etc etc etc – of course my little brain knows that I am lying to myself, making excuses, finding ways to avoid committing to it, why? I don’t know. I couldn’t tell you what has changed in my mindset that has set me down this path, it just seemed to happen one day.

Admittedly, I did get too thin at one stage, being very strict on fat intake and doing weights meant I was leaning down – A LOT – so some family and friends staged their own version of an ‘intervention’ to try to convince me I had an eating disorder or something along those lines and that I had to stop losing weight. In hindsight, yes, I was a little too thin and a little too focused, sometimes I would exercise obsessively to the point where I was becoming anti-social, my friends saw me rarely, the weights were my constant companions. It was all a learning experience!!

Now I’m back to SP to help get me accountable again. Since my family and friends ‘intervention’ I let go of the reins and have re-gained 11kgs, or 22lbs. I have now gone into a weight/size that i’m not happy with, so I’d like to lose 8kgs/16lbs to get back to my ideal weight/size. Some people will probably criticize that I’m too thin, but I have learnt something else along the way – I need to live with myself, so the only person I need to make happy is me.

I’m excited about this next adventure and roaring to go!
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