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The Blood Sugar Solution chapt. 4-6

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Blood Sugar Solution chapters 4-6

Chapter 4 Food Addiction: Fixing Your Brain Chemistry

We're biologically hardwired to crave sugar/fat/salt laden foods . . . bummer! Foods made in a plant vs. grown on a plant are biologically addictive, and that's why it's not all about willpower, exercise and moderation nutritionally don't always cut the mustard in the battle to lose weight. Like any other addiction, food addiction is driven by primitive neurochemical reward centers in the brain which overrides normal willpower, overwhelming normal hunger control mechanisms. This addiction can even be seen on a PET (a special kind of scan) scan and the images of a food addict's brain when exposed to those trigger foods mimics those of any other addict . . . the same area of the brain is stimulated by exposure to sweet, fat and salty foods. This causes a release of a morphine like substance. Naltrexone is a drug used to block the addicts response to their addictive substance. This drug also works in the same way with food addiction.

Sugar sweetened beverages (like soda) have bonus bad points as many contain caffeine. This increases the addictiveness. If you drink your calories, you don't feel full, which leaves you hungry and eating more than you should.

Artificially sweetened drinks are no better. They disrupt the normal hormonal and neurological signals of hunger and satiety, are addictive and carcinogenic.

Our tax dollars fund the food stamp program. One of the items included in the program is soda. So essentially that means, we pay for the soda via food stamps and end up paying for the resulting diseases via Medicaid and/or Medicare. A soda tax has been discussed, which would be a penny-an-ounce tax on sugary beverages. The benefits seen:

1. a 23% reduction in consumption of soda.

2. a 10 year health care cost savings of $50 million dollars.

3. the tax funds collected could be used to finance community programs addressing the problem of obesity.

The most compelling question posed by Dr. Hyman at the end of this chapter was what are the ethical, legal and moral implications of allowing our kids unrestricted access to these addictive foods (through advertising, purchase of these foods, etc.)? In places like Sweden, Norway, and the UK food advertising to children is banned. Hmmm...why not here? MONEY talks.

Chapter 5: How Big Food, Big Farming and Big Pharma Are Killing Us

Startling: because of government subsidies, a Twinkie, with it's 39 ingredients is cheaper than broccoli. Why? The advertising dollars (spent by Big Food Giants like Coca Cola, Kellogs Kraft and others) spent to market Twinkies outstrip what is spent on advertising healthy foods. What? You way you MISSED the advertisements for healthy food? That's because . . . there aren't any!
Big Farms get subsidies to encourage production of sugar (from corn) and fat (from soybeans) to make these unhealthy processed foods. NO subsidy is given for production of whole, fresh foods locally grown, in season. These products are consumed, the population is becoming fatter, and unhealthier with heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity and other chronic illness.

Big Pharma is ready and willing to step in and supply us with the medications for illness like hypertension, diabetes, depression and other unhealthy lifestyle related diseases. So it's the triad of Big Farming, Big Food and Big Pharma promoting unhealthy choices.

The kicker is the more financially challenged you are, the more difficult it is to afford the GOOD stuff as it is not as readily available in poorer areas, and generally pricier than the unhealthy, processed stuff.

In Europe a system of labeling has been devised (red, yellow and green labels) to provide the consumer with a quick and easy way to assess their food choices. Nutritional labeling here is at best confusing.

It is acceptable for businesses like the auto industry to be regulated, but the regulation of the food we eat is not. It is seen as a personal responsibility to be in charge of what we eat. How can you eat healthy if the food you have to chose from is not healthy?

Chapter 6: Functional Medicine: A New Approach to Reverse This Epidemic

Startling information from this chapter.

You may have a normal blood sugar (under 100 mg/dl) or a normal glucose tolerance (blood sugar under 149 mg/dl) 2 hours after drinking a sugary liquid. BUT this is not a guarantee you are not pre-diabetic or diabetic. One of the missing keys is your insulin level. Remember, insulin resistance causes cells to become numb to the affects of insulin, so the body continues to pump out more insulin to handle the glucose load in your blood. The insulin spike is the first symptom that's going to occur with prediabetes and diabetes while the rise in blood sugar is one of the last. The rise in insulin causes symptoms such as increased belly fat, fatigue, brain fog, sugar cravings, high triglycerides, low HDL, blood sugar swings, inflammation, blood clotting problems and hypertension. However, conventionally, these symptoms are just treated as an entity and the whole picture of what is going on is ignored.

The tenet of functional medicine is patient-centered rather than disease-focused. There is a connection between disease entities and how our genes, environment and lifestyle interact to determine health or disease.

There is a continuum from optimal health to hidden imbalance to serious dysfunction to disease. Intervening anywhere on the continuum is necessary to restore balance to our body systems. The sooner this is done, the better.

Diabesity is a result of imbalances in the seven key systems in our bodies that form the web or network of our biology. Functional medicine of grounded in understanding these interconnected systems and applying systems thinking to the body and treatment of imbalances.

Finding and correcting these imbalances is a seven step process involving:

1. boosting nutrition

2. hormonal regulation

3. inflammation reduction

4. digestion improvement

5. detoxification maximization

6. enhancement of energy metabolism

7. soothing the mind

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • SHEILA-45
    Thx for sharing this valuable info. Fresh is best should be the motto for food consumption. Most everything else is bound to have chemical additives in the product to prolong shelf life, enhance flavor, or cut costs.
    2149 days ago
    Just FYI for those who don't live here, Washington state already charges a tax on any bottled beverage... but it doesn't apply to food stamp recipients! Bizarre...

    I'm sure glad I never got started on that stuff!... can't stand the carbonation! LOL

    Good luck to those who are trying to quit--I hear it isn't easy!
    Kathy emoticon
    2151 days ago
    This is a wonderful synopsis of the book!

    I had a great blood glucose for years, but when they finally tested my insulin level, I was at 46 (normal falls within 0 to 20). So, I was more than twice of normal! I had already lost most of my hair, along with other concerns.

    Now, I finally find out that I can't eat wheat. I was on a gluten challenge to be tested for gluten sensitivity. I ate plenty of gluten per the challenge, and just had my blood tested this morning.

    My blood glucose had improved so much when I came off gluten earlier this year. I am happily now off gluten as of right now! Eating gluten products make me very ill. Now, I know what to do to help myself and I am so happy!

    emoticon for taking the time to provide this info. :)
    2152 days ago
    Thanks for this post! I hope you don't mind, I shared it with a friend. Have a great day!!
    2153 days ago
    emoticon I will have to get this for my Mom. Then she will say that I am babying her and she can take care of herself. I don't care, I will get it anyway.
    2153 days ago
    Thanks for passing on this interesting info.
    2153 days ago
  • XRSIZE18
    whoa... seriously good stuff. I've often wondered about some of the things you can buy with food stamps. I love the WIC program because it delineates healthy options to keep in your house... Food for thought... literally. :)
    2153 days ago
  • LAURIE5658
    Awesome information and thank you.
    2153 days ago
  • NANCY-
    Isn't it sad that this is not taught to our schools.
    Kids should know about Farmers markets, supporting local and fresh.
    Instead of throwing drugs at problems, there needs to be more of a focus on what to do to promote health.
    (it is an evil plot promoting immediate gratification, without regard to the consequences.)
    Thanks for sharing this, please keep sharing.

    2154 days ago
    Thanks for the info
    2154 days ago
    2154 days ago
    Hi Barb..........
    I have this book and have found it to be a real eye-opener. I read it about a year ago. emoticon for reminding me of the important content. I will get it out and read it again.
    2154 days ago
    2154 days ago
    I went to a clinic for an evaluation. Avery prestigious clinic. When my blood work came in it had the word YIKES ac ross the top. I looked and saw how high the insulin was. I rushed back to my PC who had once said I was diabetic and after too many hypos he decided i was not. He also said measuring the amount of insulin in you r body proved nothing. How wrong he was and the YIKES was definitely right but still no one I have seen wants to explain it all to me. Thanks Barb. once I am ahead of this tracker i will be down to the library to find the book or ask them to order it.
    REALLY good B LOG Thanks Pat in Maine. emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2154 days ago
    thanks for posting this ....excellent blog...
    I hope people start understanding these issues.

    On the downside....I should confess, that yesterday, along with a 12 oz bag of peanuts in the shell, I polished off a litter of A&W Diet Cream Soda. And today I had the second liter of diet soda.
    Am I bad, stupid, or just nuts.....don't answer that.

    Hope all is well.... hang in there emoticon
    2154 days ago
  • KITT52
    interesting, thanks for sharing
    2154 days ago
    That was really interesting!
    2154 days ago
    2154 days ago
    very informative and interesting
    Thank you for sharing
    2154 days ago
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