My New Diet/Diabetic Weight Loss Plan (26th April - Present) On Boots Weighing Scales So Far .

Monday, June 25, 2012

new Diet/Diabetic Weight Loss plan (Starting Weight 26th April - Present Day) on the Boots Weighing Scales so far, seems to be going ok i have lost an incredible 1 stone 13 lbs now !!!!.

Starting Weight 26th April 2012 20 stones 10lbs.

7th May 2012 20 stones 5lbs (5 lbs Weight Loss).

24th May 2012 20 stones 1lb (9 lbs Weight Loss).

7th June 2012 20 stones 3lbs (2lbs Put/Crept On).

21st June 2012 19 stones 13lbs (4lbs Weight Loss).

5th July 2012 19 stones 11lbs (2lbs Weight Loss) (13lbs Weight Loss altogether).

19th July 2012 19 stones 9lbs (2lbs Weight Loss) (1st 1lb Weight Loss altogether).

2nd August 2012 19 stones 11lbs (2lbs Put on/Crept on).

16th August 2012 19 stones 8lbs (3lbs Weight Loss) (1st 2lbs Weight Loss altogether).

30th August 2012 19 stone 7lbs (1lb Weight Loss) (1st 3lbs Weight Loss altogether).

13th September 2012 19 stone 6lbs (1lb Weight Loss) (1st 4lbs Weight Loss altogether).

27th September 2012 18 stone 13 lbs (6 lbs Weight Loss) (10 lbs Weight Loss altogether).

11th October 2012 18 stones 11 lbs (2 lbs Weight Loss) (1 stone 13lbs Weight Loss al2gether).

25th October 2012 18 stones 11 lbs (here's hoping that next fortnight i can reach my goal of being in the 2 stones mark).

8th November 2012 17 stones 10 lbs (3 stones 1lbs Weight Loss) (I've finally done /reached 1 milestone).

I have previously tried to go on a Diet/Lose Weight before, but they never seemed to work, for me as something would always go wrong, but this time since i started my new Diet/Diabetic Weight Loss Plan.

It seems to have worked a treat, except 4 2 occasions when my Weight became dodgy 2wice i Put on/Crept on Weight, i still have the odd occasion when i fancy having a piece of Cheese, Pork Pie, Quiche, Sausage Roll etc.

Especially when i go Shopping on Benefit/Non Benefit Days, so now i just have a couple of Biscuits (either Digestive (Sweet/Wholemeal), Fruit Shorties, Rich Tea, ShortBread), & sum Diet Drinks (either Diet Coke, Pepsi Max, Vimto), as well as having loads of NAS Squash (various flavours).

So that i can restrict my New Diet/Diabetic Weight Loss Plan, even more than i have been doing so far!!!!.

My restricting New Diet/Diabetic Weight Loss plan, seems to be working, as every time, i buy loads of no added sugar/diet drinks, eg Diet coke, Sugar Free 7 UP, etc, the more i drink, these Diet Drinks, the more Weight i lose.

As since starting this, Diet Drink only plan, no proper Food allowed eg (Sandwhiches, Crisps, Cake,), etc only a Biscuit, 2 eat when ever i have to take my Metformin Tablets, i seem to have gone off the above mentioned proper Food etc, as it not only makes me feel very ill/tiredsick etc.

It seems to have the effect, of making me lose Weight even easier, if & when i get down to my target Weight of 10 stone 5lbs, i might just stop, or i might 2ven try to go down to my original Weight of 8 stones 5 lbs depending on how i feel, as i started this originally for 3 reasons.

1) To lose the Weight.

2) To reverse my type 2 Diabetes.

3) To hopefully be smaller as my Sister (Helen) is getting married & she wants me as a Bridesmaid.

My total Weight Loss in terms of Kilograms is 12 Kilograms (1 stone 13lbs) so far!!!!.
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