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A gloomy Sunday

Sunday, June 24, 2012


We have clouds and storms are coming in right now. We had rain last night when we were at the town band concert and movie.

Might be walking to church today. Dad is still in bed because we got home late and to bed late. He might get up this morning but I'm not sure when. If not, I'll grab my umbrella and I'll walk to church. It'll give me an excuse to get more walks in besides the two that I had with the dog. Plus I can do them by myself without the dog.

The celebration for the twon was wonderful. Some of the businesses were open until 5pm. We had cupcakes and ice cream and lots of fun stuff. I got a lot of photos from what we had on Main Street and from the concert and movie. BTW, the movie was Ma and Pa Kettle. Even had our local celebrity there too. He's the producer of the Spiderman: Turn off the Dark broadway show and guest judge on Cupcake Champions when they did cupcakes for the Spiderman show. Yes he's from my small hometown of Avon, IL. We have 950 people in this town. His name is Phillip McKinley.

I've been fighting an upset stomach off and on must of the morning. But I'm okay. My stomach does this before my T.O.M almost every month. Not all the time but sometimes.


Got home about 20 minutes ago from church. I walked. 15 minutes to church and 15 minutes to home. It cut loose about 10 to 15 minutes after I got there. Almost to the point where you couldn't see across the street. It was misty to a sprinkle when I got to church. But was still raining but not as hard as it was after I got to church. The farmers are going to be happy.


Sounds like its raining again. We do need the rain. We got some of it taken care a week ago yesterday and I believe we're getting of it now. The drought is what I'm talking about.

I'm downloading photos onto Facebook from the town celebration. Yesterday I downloaded photos of my grandniece Katelynn onto Facebook.

Sounds like my dad is about done in the bathroom. I hope that he is because I'm needing to use it. This is one reason why I wish we had more than one bathroom in the house.


No more rain and clouds. The sun is out and there are no clouds in the sky. But it'll get hot outside today. So far it's 81 degrees. But its going to be evne hotter than that. Like 94 degrees.

I feel like I ate too much at lunch even though it wasn't much. At least I have food in my belly. In a while my belly will be growling.


We went up to my stepcousin's house for a few hours. Got home about an hour ago. Almost thought that we were going to stay for supper.

About ready to fix myself a mug of hot tea. But I may not. Some of the teas we have are fruit flavored. But I want to finish my 2nd 2L of water. I'm half way done with it.


Decided against the hot tea. I'm too tired to fix it. Taking the dog for 2 walks, walking to and from church, and the rainy weather weh ad, I'm tired. I'm ready to go to bed right now.

I think that I may have lost a pound or two. Why? Sometimes I check my weight at night. If it's a pound heavier than I was in the morning, I've lost weight. I could tell tha I've lost weight because sitting on one of the couches at my stepcousin's house for a long period of time was killing me. Even sitting at the computer is killing me. Both times are in my lower back. Especially in the waist area. I can usually sit on the spots that I mention are comfortable but when I lose weight, it's a whole different story.

Another night without supper. We did have supper last night thought. I'm hungry but not to where I want food. I know that I should eat 3 times a day but there are times that I'm not that hungry at night.
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    Way to go on getting your walk in despite the rain!
    2154 days ago
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