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paleo update: week 3

Sunday, June 24, 2012

whoa! I've already done 3 weeks? no way!

I went to a bridal shower on Saturday. No problem eating paleo for the lunch section: ham, fruit salad, a little cheese. Just had seltzer, no mimosas. I'd had a late brunch on purpose (eggs) so that I wouldn't be starved. Then the bride opened presents, then it was round two: cake. That was harder to avoid inconspicuously. I refilled my seltzer again, and sat back down. Immediately, I was asked "are you not having any cake?" And my answer was that I'm not eating sugar for awhile. It actually turned into a pretty productive conversation. Lots of interest in what I was doing, and some corroboration from others who have done similar things in the past. Maybe it helped that I only knew the bride before I arrived -- they were being polite to a stranger. :) Anyway, I didn't miss the cake. It just looked like an over sugared bakery cake. Now if it had been homemade and special, I would have been sad. But instead I was just proud of myself.

So: at Mon's request, here is the week of meals:
b: fried eggs, bacon, coffee with cream
l: leftover sweet potato spinach sausage egg bakes (from paleomg, see last week)
d: amazing grilled salmon (I don't think the marinade was strictly paleo -- Brian made it, and he said it had some soy sauce and some brown sugar in it. I'm not going to worry about a marinade too much.), onion and pepper kabobs, sweet potato hash (shredded raw sweet potato sauteed in butter with garlic and shallot.. yum!)

b: scrambled eggs with spicy sausage, coffee with cream
l: thai restaurant. eek. I thought this might be hard, but I didn't get to choose the restaurant. I ordered a ginger chicken dish which was chicken, onion, garlic, mushrooms, ginger, snap peas, carrots, etc. It came with no joke, like 2 cups of white rice. Obviously didn't eat that part.
d: leftover salmon, leftover sweet potato egg nest

b: bacon, eggs, coffee with cream
l: salad bar: chicken with peppers and onions, brussels sprouts with pancetta, and a big salad with bacon, carrot, and a few sprinkles of cheddar, olive oil for dressing
d: cilantro turkey "nuggets" from paleomg. with steamed broccoli with butter.

These were pretty good, but a little dry (I made them with ground turkey, maybe that's why.) The dipping sauce made them, but I tried to be light with that stuff.

b: bacon, cottage cheese (2%, 4 oz container), coffee with cream
l: leftover turkey nuggets, blueberries
d: weird. It was about 100 degrees, so I hadn't been that hungry all day, and I also had to go to a 6:30 CF class. I was hungry before it started, but way overheated. There was a paleo caterer there with some samples, and I wolfed a couple down after we were done. Pulled pork and flank steak with chimichurri sauce. Both very good. then when I got home, I had no appetite. Finally around 9:30, I ate a sweet potato with some butter. I knew I needed to eat, but that was all that didn't make my stomach turn.

b: 2 eggs, 1/2 sausage patty, coffee and cream (btw, 2 eggs is ok with my stomach. It was 3 that made me feel queasy.)
l: burger at my favorite place, all high quality meat. Got it with no bun, pepperjack cheese, and carmelized onions, with a salad as the side. SO delicious.
d: rotisserie chicken, some nitrate free organic pepperoni, and a salad with homemade dressing (mustard, lemon, olive oil)

b: eggs, sausage, coffee with cream
l: salad bar: chicken with lemon, pork chop with tomato sauce (not a whole breast or whole chop, obvi) sauteed swiss chard with onion, brussels sprouts with pancetta
s: small all natural no sugar applesauce, almonds
d: salmon burgers with broccoli. also from paleomg paleomg.com/cilantro-sal

Holy moly were these good. I got a pound of salmon with the skin cut off, and if you have a food processor and like cilantro, the rest is easy. Fried them up in a non-stick pan with just a bit of bacon fat for flavor. They were so juicy and fantastic. I didn't pour the vinaigrette on top, but served it in a little bowl on the side, and it was really totally unnecessary (although would make a good salad dressing to go with the burgers!) This made 6 good sized patties (we ate more for dinner tonight, Sunday.)

b: egg, bacon, strawberries
l: fruit salad, ham, mustard, bit of brie (bridal shower)
s: cherries, pepperoni, almonds
d: flank steak, and paleo cuban "rice" (again, paleomg. one half of this recipe. I haven't tried the ropa vieja yet, but will soon: paleomg.com/crockpot-rop

Sunday (today!):
b: bacon, eggs, coffee with cream
l: leftover cauliflower rice, strawberries, some amazing cheese (1 oz)
d: leftover salmon burger, leftover "rice", and sugar snap peas from our farmer's market (http://allrecipes.com/recipe/
sugar-snap-peas/) delicious. I used dried thyme.

I must say, it's definitely easier when you get in a groove with this and have leftovers that you like. Brian is such a fan of the salmon burger that he asked me to put those in "the regular rotation." He was even talking about what they'd be like "when I eat bread again." I admit, they'd be great with a really good bun and some kind of remoulade. Maybe as a splurge someday. But they're awesome on their own. As was the burger at the burger joint on Thursday. Buns are SO last season.

So that's week 3. Hard to believe the challenge is almost halfway over!!
Crossfit was good this week. Monday's coach is my favorite, and he pushed us hard. Wednesday was super hard because of the heat. I wasn't able to go again, which is a bummer. I'm making sure to get there 3 days this week, because I'm going to cape cod on saturday for 5 days -- week 5 will definitely not get 3 crossfit workouts as a result!

I did not start the running, either. No real excuse: it was super hot, very busy at work, I was more interested in cooking new paleo meals, etc. I'll get there when I get there. As long as diet and CF are at full tilt, I'm happy for now.

I didn't do measurements yet this week, but they were great last week. Scale is very slowly ticking down. After the first week's 4lb loss, I've lost another 2 in the past two weeks (total, not each week.) Again, I'll get there when I get there. As long as I'm working out and eating right, I'm sure I'm getting slimmer one way or another. I'll do measurements midweek if I need a boost.

Ok, food challenge for this week: more vegetables! As much fun as some of the paleo world recipes are, I want to make sure I'm really honing in on whole foods.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have cake for you, paleo lady! In fact, I wish mailing things to the states wasn't so bloody expensive or I'd pack you up a half dozen right now and ship them over.

    Hope week four went well! Halfway through now! Or more!
    2124 days ago
    hey southernwingz,
    I think dairy is one of those borderline things. It makes sense to cut it out for awhile and then add it back in to see how you're affected. If it doesn't affect you, then I think it's totally fine. But I guess a lot of people don't realize they have some low level reaction to dairy because they've always eaten it and aren't full-on lactose intolerant. Dairy doesn't seem to affect me adversely, so I still eat it in moderation.
    2130 days ago
    I have a shower/cake occasion coming this weekend; I really hope it goes well! Tomorrow begins my family's Week 2. All went well until today, when both my son and hubby both became ill. They've got some sort of viral thing and I had to go buy soup, crackers, gatorade. I have to say that I was a little tempted at those super cute mini saltines, but I steered clear and spent my time preparing all the fruits, veggies, and the roasted chicken that I made myself instead of buying a store rotisserie chicken like we would have in the past. When they're feeling better, they'll get back on track with me. Doing this as a family has really made it easy to me!

    I'm curious about eating dairy. Is that your personal choice? It seems every site I look up gives a different answer about eating dairy.
    2130 days ago
    yeah, I have a new vanilla cake from tina that is ridiculous. It will be had at the beach.
    2131 days ago
  • TGATES573
    Kudos on avoiding the cake. Totally agree on the bakery cakes not being worth it. You're always sort of sad you wasted the calories / sugar on it. Now Mom's 1-2-3-4 cake...
    2131 days ago
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