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Sunday, June 24, 2012

HEY! since i posted that video blog tour of my apartment i have NOT lived up to my word that i would be on spark more. it's not that i don't have the time...because really, i'm bored with summer already. anyway. so what's been going on with everyone?! not much going on here. i think i'm going to revamp my page and get going again, not that my hiatus was HUGE. still holding around 268- now to continue downward! i hope to be at 250 (the goal posted on my page) by the end of summer, but unless i start actually moving around that won't happen.

summer vacation is taking its toll on me. i'm SO BORED. and its SO HOT and i HATE IT. im just miserable when its humid and nasty out, i really am. and being in my own apartment this summer rather than my parents house, i dont have an air conditioner. my dad said i could have the one that was in my room for my room here, but frankly im not sure i would be able to afford that electric bill when it came. so being hot and miserable makes for very little exercise. though, i did go swimming the other day and play some just dance in the evening- and i sweated A LOT! ugh. humidity.

so not living with the parents...i only cook for myself now. and im finding it to be a challenge to make food for just me. and my roommate is a vegetarian. i am not a vegetarian by any means, though i haven't eaten much meat as of lately. i bought some chicken last time i went shopping and i made a couple of meals of that, but otherwise i haven't really had any meat in my diet. i guess i didn't even think of that until just this moment as i was typing it. i should probably work on that. what am i eating, you ask? i dont think im being very UNhealthy. i buy a lot of fruits, not many veggies...and not much junk food either :)

i struggle with being home alone every day because i want my mouth to be busy chewing yummy food while i sit on the couch watching gossip girl marathons courtesy of netflix. considering, though, i don't think i've done such a horrid job because im not buying the junk to eat, and when i want to eat something i dont have much of a choice beyond fruits and crackers or something. just today, what i've eaten:
2 slices of wheat toast with light "i cant believe its not butter"
1 mini clif bar (100 cal)
a pretty big salad! made with lettuce from my roommates dads garden, some spinach, some chopped walnuts, a few croutons, mozzarella, and i dont know if you guys know about Maries yogurt dressing...but i had the parmesan caesar dressing today. salad- YUM!
crunchy clif peanut butter granola bar
smoothie! made of a banana, probably 6 strawberries, about a half a peach worth of peach slices, a couple handfuls of spinach, and some almond milk. also, i had a hunk of homemade bread that i made today (with homemade blueberry jam) that ended up being a 20 oz smoothie though! still finishing it up...yikes! and theres a mini blue bunny ice cream cone waiting for me in the freezer. not so horrid, right?

now to keep my mouth occupied for the rest of the night...haha. unfortunately, i haven't even left my apartment today so the most movement from me all day was when i did my laundry, made my bed, and made my bread. in my defense, making my bed is a chore since it's against the wall. i hate doing that.

on a side-note, i've been learning to play the banjo. turns out summer isn't a complete loss! and i do have a few things planned coming up in the near future. going to upstate NY to visit my aunt, uncle and cousins for a week end. the week end after that, heading to long island with my parents to visit my sister in long island. unfortunately, she's not in a very good place and we can't make decisions for her, and she's not making the best choices for herself. really, she calls my mom all upset and crying and wanting to move home...but then she stays because this guy is "going to change." let me tell you about this guy. he is a 45 year old man, 46 in august. (bear in mind my own father just turned 46 in august.) my sister is 22. he was just released from prison in march. he recently took her car, having no license, and their puppy, flipped the car into a ditch- totaled it, and lost the puppy. fortunately, someone found her. and oh boy, he's fine. by the way he has some MAJOR health issues and my sister is practically a nurse to him. i just cant stand it anymore. these choices shes making...they got a dog together, now theyre buying a car together, and yet shes sick of the dude herself. i just can't wrap my head around it. is that what you wanted for yourself at the age of 22?! she's a pet manager at petsmart, which, good for her, i know she makes more than i do by having that job, but her passion is tattooing- i hate to see that shes just given up on it. ugh.

ANYWAY. off the negative nancy train.

if you don't know who jaymay is, you should look her up. i've been listening to her music all day on spotify and i'm loving every bit of it. she has a beautiful voice.

now i'm very off topic. i'm going to go and maybe read. oh, that's another thing i've been doing a lot of since school go out. i'm halfway through the third "fifty shades of grey" book. yeah, they're not written very well but for some reason i can't stop reading them. don't judge :p

and thats what i do.
watch gossip girl
play the banjo
make smoothies

glad i bought that really awesome $30 blender at costco. its awesome!

also here are a couple of pics i've been meaning to share...


anyway, enough useless chit chat... off to revamp the page and read. have a good night!
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    Great portion chart!

    Night time boredome is a killer for me. I've been trying to reduce my screen time (staying away from the TV/computer), and it's been hard! I've actually found myself napping on the weekend, because if I'm not staring at a screen or eating, what else am I going to do? How sad that if my workout is done and I can't eat or veg, I can't think of anything else to fill my time.

    Reading has been a good hobby to pick up again. I used to read all the time, and fell out of it when I stopped taking the bus to work. I've also been sketching and working on crafty things. I love the idea of learning the banjo!
    3173 days ago
    Hiya! It's good to see you back on here. I hope you'll stick around and use us as an opportunity to alleviate a little bit of that boredom. It's SO hard to make good choices under the influence of boredom, especially when you factor in the heat and humidity. It sounds like you're doing well with your food, though. I'm glad you've been managing to maintain rather than gain. Is the pool part of your apartment complex? That would be such a GREAT way for you to get in more fitness minutes. You should post a vlog on the banjo playing. I think anyone taking the time to learn anything new is very inspirational. I'm sorry to hear about the sadness of your sister's situation. I pray that she will have the widsom to keep herself from real danger.
    3174 days ago
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