Forget the size - it's all about the fit!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

During my 10K steps today, at the mall, I decided to play dress up at Needless Markup. I put on a skirt, shirt, and jacket and went to the surround mirrors to check things out.

First let me reinforce that I will always have curves - that's just my body style, and I know how to dress my body to highlight the good and camo the not fabulous! I need clothes that work for the girls (darts or knits work best), that are more generous in the bottom for the hips and thighs, yet also need to be nipped at the waist to accentuate that I have one!

At any other store I'm currently wearing at 14-16 depending on the cut/style. At Needless, I fit comfortably in a size 12 jacket. Hah - just to prove the vanity sizing issue I mentioned above, the Jacket was priced at $450! I don't think Macy's even carries a suit that costs that much, and I won't buy the Macy's suit until it hits the clearance racks!

Since it was 20 lbs since my last photo update, I added a shot of it to the gallery for anyone interested!

Morale of the Story: Fit is everything. Ignore the numbers. Clothes are cut differently and if you find something you like but it doesn't quite fit right, buy the next size up and get it altered to fit your curves if necessary. You'll look great and feel fabulous!!!
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