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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Two years and five months ago I thought i was ready to fix my weight issues. I was motivated and i thought emotionally ready to conquer my fetal position on the couch. But the one thing i really didn't have was a plan. I had joined SparkPeople which was a great first step, but i really wasn't using all the tools that were being given to me. I was still in the mindset that there was a "fast fix" an "easy way" to shed the pounds. I still succumbed to every crazy diet pill scam out there ( and yes they are a scam)...i still wanted to believe i could do it by eliminating certain foods from my diet ( foods which i love) and here's the kicker, i still believed i could do it with no real exercise effort. The result of that mindset was my undoing.

I have had to face some facts:

1. To lose weight i have to move.
2. I can not just will my weight away, i have to work for it.
3. I have to eat much, much healthier
4. I have to drink lots of water.
5. I have to want one but me.
6. I will have to face obstacles without the comfort of food.

I'm happy to say that 20 days ago I restarted my weight loss train and it is a great feeling!

I am going into it this time with a much better picture of who I am and what I need to make this the final weight loss journey for me. I have a long road ahead of me, because in the time I've been gone I've gained another 50 pounds.

So this journey started at 243 pounds...

I've heard people say it before, but I'd never really experienced it...until now. It's that feeling that something about this time is different and it is.

I started this time with a realistic plan and realistic expectations of small losses and gains along this journey.

I am exercising every day on my wii fit doing the Yoga and Strength training and well as two cardio ( my choice right now being the run and the step exercises. It's definitely slow going but in the 20 days i have managed to lose 12 pounds ( very motivating) but even better than that is seeing the results in different ways that i never done before. Because lets face it, I've lost weight more than a few times in my life.

This is however the first time I've lost weight while incorporating exercise and strength training and i am so stunned by the difference. I can do a push up now, yes it's only one, but it's the first one i have been able to do in many, many moons. I can look down at the scale to see my weight, prior to that i had to look out over my belly. With a little effort i can reach over and touch my toes.

I know these are probably just little things to most people, but to me they are milestones and feel like a new lease on my life.

The cool thing is that my motivation has been motivating as well. My 11 year old son has started exercising along with me and my family as a whole has started to change our eating habits to a much healthier one. Baby steps...but I'm doing it.

I found the key to my weight loss success is within me, i just need to turn it to "DO IT" mode.

And i did. I am doing these things for myself and my family.

I am exercising
I am eating what is good for me, but also what i want.
I am eating in moderation
I am eating fruits and veggies with every meal - balance is the key for me.
I am doing my best to eliminate unnecessary sugars and fats from my diet.
I am eating carbs,I would not be successful if I didn't...I just eat them in moderation.
I am committing myself to using the tools i have on SPARKPEOPLE.

That last one is a biggie for me because I think if I had been active in this community when my father passed away (coming up on two years now) I might have turned to them instead of the food. It was the worst time in my life and I did not handle it well. I cried all day while my husband was at work. When I fueled my exhausted body it was with nothing but crap because i didn't have the will to cook or put anything together. I literally confused my body with my eating patterns and habits, it had no idea what i was doing so it just started hanging on to every calorie it had not sure when i was going to feed it the next time. I didn't care and it showed.

I care now and I believe the opposite will will show in my healthy and strong body that i am working towards.

The journey should have begun then...but it really does begin NOW!

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    Thank you Mommy445, I really appreciate your comment. I hope you have a wonderful day as well.!
    2132 days ago
  • MOMMY445
    i am glad to hear that you are doing so for yourself! you can do this! you are worth it! i believe in you! have a wonderful day!
    2132 days ago
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