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OMG why didn't anybody tell me I was whining!!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Yesterday was pretty much interesting for me All I really did was write about my fears. And sit and eat starchy death. I was sitting in bed thinking of all I didn't do that day and I had a verey loud voice scream at me in my head "OH MY EVER LIVING GOD!!!! WILL YOU QUITE YOUR WHINNING!! THAT'S ALL YOU HAVE DONE FOR THE PAST FEW DAYS!!! SUCK IT UP AND GROW A PAIR!!!!" Now considering that I am not scizophrince. And don't hear "voices" I knew I was in trouble. When your inner voice tells you grow up..... Well you get the picture So for todays blogg I am gonna write all the good in my life

1. I have lost almost 20 lbs!!! Come on that's pretty dang cool! my exersize gear is super loose and I have to wear a belt to keep my pants up!

2. I can really walk with out pain not just around Wally World but over a mile! I couldn't walk across a parking lot with out my cane in January. now I am wearing out my socks how cool is that.

3. I don't need no less than two large pots of coffe to just be human in the morning. And I mean be human I would literally growl at people. And asking me to think?! Not happening. Now I wake up awake refreshed and happy....mostly lol

4. I picked up my 20 lb cat last friday, and didn't grunt. My cat is 20 pounds. I am not supposed to pick up anything over 15. and it showed. I didn't relize this until I danced around the room for five min. and then put him down. no pain. no omg! your fat, and most amazingly ....no grunt!

5.My birthday is coming up and my sister is making her coffe cake for my birthday!!! I love her coffe cake. it has no oil and tasts like heaven!!! I don't like most cake because of the icing. Way to sweet, and all you tast is sugery goop. I like the taste of cake it is light delicate and is good all on its own so birthday cake ......DON'T WANT!!!!! My sissy cake is so good I could eat my weight in it and be one happy clam!

6 I'm a red head! I dyed my hair on the first of the month. And since then I have been getting so many compliments!

7. My first free sample from freefly.com came in the mail, and I got the cutest little makeup bag! And all the samples were awsome.

8. Even with my weight almost all my tests and Dr. appt. have gone excedingly well. I am bouncing back better and faster. than anybody ever could of believed except for that one thing. It's has been awsome, and because of that I am not as scared of the "lump" as I once was.

9. I have a family that loves and cares for me. My sisters both by blood and by heart are there for me, and support me. Even when their life is busy they always have time to sit and talk me through. And they let me know with out a doubt they love me

10. I'm gonna gett a bike for my birthday!! I have the money to and I'm gonna gett one!

11.spark people.com the sight the people the laughter the support what more can a geek girl ask for!! you guys ROCK!!!! seriously! I couldn' of gotten as far as I could with out you. You support and love mean the world to me.

12. I got my write on again. I pretty much stopped writing and my creative juices were gone till I started blogging again. Now I have so many things I am writing. That I end up going past my bed time most nights!

13. I love walking again. I used to walk all over Panama City I loved it it was wonderful I would see birds and pelicains and the bald eagle that lived in a tall tree in a huge vacant lot. it was the coolest! then I moved in with my Dad and stopped walking. I started hating to sweat. I just gave up. Now I can't wait to go walking. I get mad (whiny) when I can't. I love seeing the horny toads (the lizards not the construction wokers lol) and road runners and BUNNIES!!!) I get to meet people and just have fun!..... And for the record my grand mother hated looking for me when I went walking. she'd end up finding me no less that 5 miles away. and in a city like P.C. lets just say it was good i was terribly naive. But still, have y'all ever seen baby eagles when they first take wing? SOOOOOO COOOL!!!!!

Well My timer has gone off which means I get to go walking. so I am gonna write soon. Next Sunday my "sunday extra" will be about playing so watch for it......that is if I don't get side tracked by another short story begging to be written.....again lol
bye bye for now!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good for you for focusing on the positive!


    Keep it up and when you are down, SP Friends will be there for you!

    2160 days ago
    First of all, I have to say: You weren't whining (much-wink, wink) you were venting. Better out than in-right? However, if it took last night's revelation to lead to this great blog-well, so be it. I love your list of positives and the attitude you are sharing today. Thank you for sharing. Hugs, Jackie
    2161 days ago
    What amazing strides you have made. It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it. Way to go!
    2161 days ago
    Wow! Now that's what I am talking about. You have accomplished a lot. Sometimes it is hard to see the rainbow with cloudy vision. I write also,not well but...I have a thought or two that warrants I try to explain it in words. Besides life is like sweet and sour chicken. Have a glass of "Whine" drink it, move on to better things. emoticon
    2161 days ago
    Those are some very good things you wrote there-very positive. I am proud of you for looking on the bright side of things. We red heads have to stick together-lol!
    emoticon emoticon
    2161 days ago
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