50 pounds gone!!

Friday, June 22, 2012

its been 165 days since I started this adventure and today the scale showed me I have lost 50 pounds since the beginning. I still have not decided what I will do to mark the occassion, but I went for a lovely hike early this morning on one of my favorite rivers, gonna do another, longer, favorite hike tomorrow morning. Things that would have ached my knees and taken the wind right out of me if I could even do them at all before.
I am half way to my goal! I have donated all my old clothes and went from 44 inch waist in jeans to 36 inches.
I am eating a healthy diet that I can continue to eat for the rest of my life! No gimmics, no costly plans! I eat organic when i can but that is sometimes cost prohibitive, but I find it worth it most of the time.
I am walking as my primary exercise! I hike in the woods as much as I can, at least on weekends. I walk at least two miles every day. Most are around 4.
I have found the 17 day diet a great door to learning about better eating. It has helped me choose better meal plans and the rotation of calorie days has really worked for me! I highly recommend the book and plan. The exercise video didn't do much for me though.
This is a journey! I am at the beginning! I am enthusiastic about the future and also realistic that this pace may not continue but I am determined to meet my goal! I feel great!
In the near future I hope to add more activities to my exercise, more international recipes, and keep learning about what I put into my body and what my body s capable of doing!

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