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Friday, June 22, 2012

Tomorrow I have a kind of date, someone I have known for a few years and quite like.
I thought I'd give him a surprise and turn up looking all girly. The other week a friend of mine bought me a dress that I would never have bought myself (far too short, barely covers my bum!) but I quite like. The only thing missing was make up. Problem is that I haven't worn make up since my teens and I have no clue what colours suit, how to apply it properly, nothing. So the last couple of days I've been trying applying it. I had a few things in the bathroom cabinet, I can't even remember how they got there, and thought probably they were too old to be useable. However, the eye shadow and mascara were still ok. The only thing left was to apply it properly so I wouldn't look like a clown.

I did yesterday and then knocked on my neighbour's door (who, if I let her, would act as my fashion consultant) and asked her how it looked. After getting over the shock of seeing me made up, she said it was really nice but too understated. She gave me loads of useful tips. Then went one better: when I explained about the date she went "Oh, I'm in on Saturday, come over half an hour before you go out and I'll make you up, I even have some lippies I don't use that you can have!"

So I'll have my personal beautician :)))
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