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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where do I even begin!?!

My Lovelies, I've missed you sooo much!! I tried to log in once a day to add the fitness I've been doing, but alas, I've missed out on your lives for the past week!

My last day at work went by rather smoothly. They kept me after for about 45 minutes for a goodbye celebration. People just had to go and make me cry. My coworker went on about how her life is better because I came into it, how much I helped her and was teaching her proper spelling and grammar. How cute is that?

I got home around 12:30am on Saturday, caught up with the parentals. I was in bed around 2am. My body clock woke me up at 6am. Why not go for that 5k, right? Mind you, because of the road trip and how I travel, I hadn't eaten since 5:30 the previous morning (tsk, tsk, I know!)

Anyhoo, I grabbed my water and iPod and headed out. Long slow run, folks. I kept a steady pace the entire time and eventually showed back up at my front door. Yes, this gal ran the entire 3.1 miles in 33 minutes. WOOOO!!!

Then, I ate. LoL

Horseshoe Tourney and BBQ at 1. LOTS of compliments!! I was introduced as Shelby's Mini Me, LoL. I was told I looked fabulous about a million times. My uncle said, "You know, you look *much* better in California!" Haha.

With my baby bro at the tourney...

With my mama at the tourney...

Later that same night, I was the Designated Driver for my older bro's birthday celebration. Our mutual friends made comments and asked how I was able to make such progress and we shared our stories with each other. (One also told me she could get me a part-time gig at her work if I can't find something else I want!)

On Father's Day, Mom, Grandma and I visited visited Grandpa in the TCU at the VA Hospital (don't worry, he was released on Monday). He kept saying, "Who is this pretty girl?" and told me I don't need to lose any more weight :) Oh, and my weekly weigh-in was 178.8 pounds. I'm officially in the 170s!!!!

On Monday, Mom and I visited my other Gpa (her dad). When I see him, he usually calls me Chelby (which I always think sounds like 'chubby' so I don't like it). Monday, my name was 'Slim'. Haha.

Tuesday was the beginning of my bridesmaid duties, chauffeuring a wedding gown and reception decorations across multiple cities. Dropped the items at the bestie's house and as I'm bringing a box in, her dad goes, "Damn girl!! How much weight did you lose?!?!?" It was awesome, LoL. I told him 47 pounds and he said, "You left it all in Phoenix?" Yes sir, I did!

Went to do 'girly' grooming things with the bride-to-be. Stopped at Jack's Urban Eats for dinner. Club sandwich: chargrilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, honey mustard (said no thanks to mayo and carmellized onions) on a sourdough bun with a pickle spear on the side and ice water. It was the bomb diggy!!

Back to the bestie's place to give her wedding gown a trial run for Friday. She's gorgeous! I'll post pics in a blog after the wedding :)

There's a boy, errrr, man in the picture. And doesn't it just figure that he's a coworker from Arizona? Grrr. We were finally able to share our mutual interest in each other...as I was driving to California. Son of a...


I've run that 5k four of the five days I've been here. Holding steady at 33 minutes a pop. Gorgeous weather in the mornings - high 50s each day :) Sure beats the 80-some odd degrees at 5:30am in Phoenix!

I may have to concur with my uncle. California does agree with me, doesn't it?

emoticon Until next time, my Lovelies :)
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