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Taking My Own Advice

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm going to try something new here.

I sometimes visit someone's page and read a comment that inspires me and then realize that it was MY comment to them!

So I am going to try copying and pasting whatever I advise to others and maybe heed my own advice and motivate and inspire myself

.Please do not doubt the sincerity of my messages because I am deciding to do this because every comment I make on Spark is heartfelt.
I hope that others can be inspired by something posted on Spark as I have.

Here it is:

I just read a few of your blogs and so glad I somehow happened onto your page. I relate, relate, relate to almost every word in each one I read so I find comfort in knowing that what "we" go through is real and true.
I keep reading and searching for the "key." Right now I am realizing that there is no one key but many keys. Also what works one day, week, or month does not work another so we just keep "doing" whatever it takes. We "know" what to do, but so often exicuting is difficult. We can do this...one day, one strategy at a time.
I, too, get depressed, have great confidence yet low esteem, use food as my drug of choice to feel good, etc...

I come and I go periodicaly on Spark but NEVER STOP TRYING! I may need a rest some days but will never quit. Keep Sparking! You inspired me today. Thank you.

Change is sooooo hard but once you start the momentum builds. I will not lie, it is HARD, but soooo worth the effort. Once you're on that road things become more pleasant and even better than ever. Again I will not lie, there are setbacks and the cycle begins again and again and again but the outcome gets better and better again. Health and fitness are ongoing once you you arrive you have to go some more. Some points in between are wonderful and others not so wonderful but I rather than have some wonderfuls than to stay in that not so wonderful place forever. Keep Sparking!

Sounds like REAL life. Also sounds like you are focused on living it. In sharing with you, I am actually reminding myself that this is a lifelong process and not a perfect world. We must stay focused on good nutrition and fitness but there are some times when that focus has to shift over just a little because to perfectly follow the same plan all the time is not practical. As long as you keep refocusing health and happiness is sure to follow. Best wishes on a fit month...hear from you soon!

Feel the pain of embarrassment, disappointment, guilt (I have been there!) and move on. Use this horrible experience to push you onward to happier healthier times.

I am still in it! Lost 40lbs by jan 1, 2012. Emotional eating took its toll with a 15 lb gain over the last few months but I never quit! I rode the waves so to speak and have been on track for about a month now dropping 4 lbs. my new year intention was to try to maintain a while before driving in on the last 20lbs but that did not happen. But I am still Sparking and learning and retraining my thought processes to make this lifelong commitment of health and well-being. My biggest accomplishment has been CONSISTANT exercise. I always liked to exercise but emotional mindsets would interfere and it was a stop and go thing. I have been CONSISTANT for over a year now. Some days my brain tells me I am a fool to work so hard then eat so much because after all, you don't have to exercise to lose weight! BUT it is a healthy choice and Studies on REAL people show that it is vital to maintenance not to mention all the health benefits. So, yes, I gained and no I have not mastered this but I am still in it! I will be proud on my one year Sparkversary in July as no matter what my weight is, as long as it is less than a year ago...

Imam sincere when I say how much I enjoy your blogs. It's those little commentaries that make me realize things like how much I ENJOY walking and other exercise and it's not just something I do to battle my weight. Plus as I said before, reading stories about goal oriented people like you motivate me. Then when you share personal what nots of busy hectic days of work and family it reassures me that Sparkers are REAL people with life obstacles common to me.
I am working on the mindset that the goal weight number on the scale is not the ultimate goal or should I say END. This is an ongoing process that has to be adjusted and readjusted. Even maintain acne will be a process of adjustments. I am so trying to get a grip on how to come into a life that will result in a healthy weight .

Are those 10lbs on your ticker still gone? If so, celebrate! My one year Sparkvesary is coming up next week. Even though I had a rough couple of months with a 15 lb gain, I am still 25 lbs lighter and back on track! Do not quit. This is a process, a journey, a lifestyle, not just a weightloss diet. You can do it and so can I. Keep sparking my .

I love to hear about those aha moments. We who battle weight and food issues often KNOW what is really good or really bad for us but we don't fully comprehend until moments like the one you had. Those moments make it stick better...congrats on your aha moment. Stay focused.

Keep at it? LOL isn't that the very definition? All jokes aside...keep reminding yourself of just one area to work on at a time. Beware of perfectionism and the all-or-nothing. I think I fall off the wagon when it all seems too overwhelming. I refocus and readjust. For example I may cut exercise to 2 or 3 days so I don't get discouraged about not meeting a goal. I also sometimes aim for the high end of cal range so I don't blame myself for feeling hungry or unsatisfied or deprived. I am slowly learning to acknowledge MY feelings. Big issue for me. I have enough real crap to feel bad about without sabotaging myself about food and exercise. I NEED COMFORTING. So I still use food at times but in a more cognisant way. I also use exercise, yoga, meditation, and friends. I try to define consistency as always working on awareness and having an ever-changing plan. Something works great for a while then it just doesn't so I consistently find another approach. Some days or effortlessly accomplished while others or sooo NOT. You can do this! Keep searching for what will work for today.

The blog is a weapon, too! You can fight this! We are not perfect and will not eat perfectly all the time. A weekend of eating out of the norm will not make one obese. Reflect on family time and the wise choices youDID make and move forward. Don't "own" those two pounds just yet. When you own them they stick. Just like when you lose 2. They are not yours until they are gone for a while.
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    You need to know how inspiring your comments are for others, too. I just realized you wrote this about the comment you left me, and I've read it a few times now. FYI it's nice to know I'm not alone but it sucks that someone else is going through the same thing. :) But that means we all understand your challenges and fears, too. So never hesitate to ask for encouragement because we all know how much it means when you really need it!
    2186 days ago
    I always look sforward to your comments on my page and blog. So glad to see you are using your words to inspire yourself as I always them inspirational emoticon
    2196 days ago
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