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update: losing inches, and too many eggs?

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So I'm now over 2 weeks into the paleo challenge. Weight has bounced around a bit, but shows between 176-178 most days for the last week. Brian told me I was looking slimmer, but I thought he was just being encouraging, so I decided to check the tape measurements. Holy cow. He wasn't kidding. Two inches off my waist in 2 weeks! And similar or slightly smaller losses everywhere else (except the arms -- guess I'm getting guns!) Excelente!!

Now to the food. I've noticed the last couple of mornings that I was feeling a little stomachache in the mid-morning. Now, I am a HUGE proponent of a high protein breakfast. It sets up the whole day for success, I'm convinced, and I LOVE not being hungry until after noon. But I started to wonder if I was eating too many eggs. So I've been researching other ways to get a high protein breakfast. While I'm strictly paleo for this challenge, I'm a little bit limited. But I may have greek yogurt some days and see how that goes (I'm allowed 1 serving dairy daily on the challenge.) I'm also going to try to temper the straight protein with some veggies and fruit in the morning, too. That takes more time and effort, which I'm not great at in the morning, but I think it's worth it. I'll keep you posted, and am also going to track for a few days here. I think I may have been getting too much protein and not enough fat to go with it. But we'll see. Today I had the last of the good bacon, plus cottage cheese and blueberries. Still high protein, but no eggs.

All in all, I'm enjoying seeing how my body (and mind and stomach) respond to different things. I think in the long run, I'm going to be happiest and healthiest with a more varied and higher carb (though still "low" -- 100g/day) diet - more of a primal approach, with dairy and fruit as much as I want. But I'm dedicated to sticking with the paleo challenge through the full 7 weeks. I don't think it's fair to make conclusions after two weeks.

I'm having a great time at crossfit. Mon, you're right to remind me about rest days. But my grand plans for working out 6 days a week are a bit premature anyway, I think. I got home last night and was not interested in running. I was famished and sore, probably due to the kick ass workout we did monday at crossfit:

back squats: 3 sets x 5 reps, 20 sec rest on the rack, 5 reps. 90 sec rest between each set. The coach (who I love, they're all great) decided to pick on me. He was basically like, your form is perfect. And you're not lifting nearly enough weight. He got me up another 30lbs from where I'd started. that's an 88 lb back squat!

Then the wod:
12 minutes AMRAP (as many reps as possible) of:
20 jump rope singles
10 medicine ball cleans (I used a 12lb ball)
5 burpees

I did 7 rounds. The med ball cleans got HARD. And I wasn't great on the form on them to begin with, so it took some mental energy to remember how to do it each time. :) Once I got the form right, it got a lot harder. Again, the coaches were watching all of us relative newbies really closely on those, which is really helpful.

So that's the latest. :)
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  • TGATES573
    I've been doing peanut butter and banana (or preserves) for breakfast lately. Presumably you can't do the bread during the paleo challenge but it's a nice solid high protein / fat start to the day that keeps you from being starving right away. The fruit is good for me too post-ride for a quick shot of sugar.
    2159 days ago
    I'm a little concerned about eating too many eggs too, but I'm only on day 3. I'm thinking super smoothies, maybe an apple/banana/nut butter bowl? I saw a recipe for a pancake made with mashed banana, almond butter, and eggs....sounds kinda good! I've been having lots of fruits and veggies; I think the key is to prepare/chop it all as soon as you get it home from the grocery store. It takes me a few hours to get it all done, but then I have a fridge full of ready to eat or cook with healthy food. Also might be a good idea to steam/boil chicken breasts during the weekend too so that those are easy to access on the fly. We might have to get out of our minds what "breakfast food" is and just eat things that are good for us.
    2161 days ago
    yeah, turns out weight lifting is not at all complicated or intimidating, especially when you have a coach helping out. I recommend it-- you'd be a total natural because you're a strong girl with an appetite for fitness stuff! way more satisfying and interesting than the stupid weight programs I always tried to do before, either from fitness magazines or with the cybex type machines. I HATED ST before. So boring, I thought. :)

    And yeah, avoiding starch and sugar is a really easy way to ease in without going strict and having to do more meal planning. It might be just the change you need. Just plop a little salad onto your plate instead of rice or whatever, and you're done. Brian has been following along for the most part, but we really only eat dinner together. He does his own thing for the other meals, and still eats cereal for breakfast and candy/ice cream occasionally when he wants it. But I'm sure he's still eating better than he was because of my changes, which is good. He's naturally slim, but his diet wasn't doing him any favors health-wise.

    Thanks for the good thoughts re: breakfast! I think things easy in the morning, so if I can get into a routine with some veggies/fruit, that would make it easy.
    2161 days ago
    Hmmmmm, tummy ache??? I feel like if the eggs were going to bother you, they would have from the start. Could it be something else? I'm all for variety, though... and different types of egg preparation could be used for variety too... Devilled eggs (is mustard paleo?) or fried eggs or poached or scrambled or frittata'd with tons of veggies... and yes, fruit and veggies for breakfast is tough but doable... prepping the night before might help? Add some chopping into your dinner prep and save them for breakkie?

    I haven't had the time to do any reading on Paleo/Primal yet (been sooooooooo busy)... I signed up for emails from that Mark's Apple site but they're just piling up in my inbox. Tomorrow's when I said I might consider starting (as tonight's a dinner out with Max's family, which would be a challenge) but I just haven't had time to do my homework, meal-plan, or grocery shop. Or convince Max that I'm not totally crazy. He's been really supportive of my dietary changes so far... and really, I could just avoid starch at dinners with him. It could be done. What does Brian do? Follow along 100% or just at shared meals with you?

    SO GLAD to hear you're being pushed at Crossfit! An 88 lb squat! Awesome! You sound like such a rock star. Maybe I should get a trainer just to learn how to do all these fancy moves with the big weights. I'm still in awe of you.
    2161 days ago
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