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The Weekly Mile: Week 10 (A Confident Taper?)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I missed a Monday! Oops. Most of you know that my life is insane right now (I'm working 4 jobs and training for a Half) and this week is no exception even though I should be trying to take it easy before Sunday. No such luck.

But I have found a little zen as far as thinking about how Sunday's race is going to go: Basically, I have no real control over it. I have trained as hard as I can, I have put in the mileage, and I can't do a damn thing about the weather (which has decided this week to climb well into the high 90s with 50-60% humidity). I'm actually glad that I'm tapering this week, because running more than 4 miles in that heat is pretty much the definition of torture. I'm concerned about running the race, but I'm also concerned about my personal safety. And that means that you need to slow down and drink water and do what you need to do to keep cool, sane and functioning.

Last week was a great one for running mileage. I managed to complete a 15K on Tuesday night and was feeling pretty good about how I felt after my run and how I felt about tacking on more mileage to the end of the run. A 5 mile run Friday morning solidified for me that I can easily cover 5-7 miles before it starts to get hard. And then I closed out the week with an 11 mile long run (that I got up at 7am to accomplish before my day show at Blue Man Group). Boom! If that doesn't make you feel like you can do anything, I don't know what does.

I struggled towards the very end of the 11 miler. It had gone from a HUMID 70 degrees when I left the house to 82 degrees by the time I rounded in to the last mile. My plan was to only drink the 10 ounces of water that I brought with me, but I had to stop at a park fountain for a refill at mile 9.5 because the thirst I had was incredible. What I learned though is that I actually only need to DRINK about half of what I did. Dry-mouth can make you feel like you're thirsty, but drink too much mid-run and heavy stomach takes over and makes it harder, physically, to keep pushing. So my method for Sunday will be drink, spit, drink, spit. Keep the mouth flushed with fluids, but only actually consume about half of them. Hopefully that will help keep me hydrated and keep the water stomach cramps at bay.

Thankfully the weather for Sunday looks slightly cooler. We are expecting rain before the big day that should bring in a cold front, but what I don't want is the rain that makes it more humid. I can run in heat. But running in humidity is the energy socker.

On the weight-loss front, lots of running and being good about my caloric intake resulted in another loss on the scale! Woohoo! But here's how precise/wacky my internal calculator is - weighed in yesterday and had dropped again over the weekend (YES!), then worked an event last night at which I ended up skipping dinner and came in well under my calories for the day. Stepped on the scale this morning and I'm up 3 pounds. What gives!? So I retaliated with a piece of lemon cake at Starbucks this morning. Yeah, I know...but I'm human, I was pissed, and I'll run it off tonight.

Alright you guys - 13.1 Miles - here I come! Next time I blog, I'll be wearing a finisher's medal around my neck. Wish me luck!

Week 10 Schedule (Completed):

Mon - Rest
Tue - 15K
Wed - Rest
Thu - Rest
Fri - 5 miles
Sat - Rest
Sun - 11 miles

Total Weekly Miles: 25.3
Total Weekly Calories Burned: 3427
Weekly Weigh-In: 182.2

Week 11 Schedule:

Mon - Rest
Tue - 4 miles
Wed - 3 miles
Thu - 2 miles
Fri - Rest
Sat - Rest
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