Secret Weapon... Delicious low carb salad dressing in a pinch!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Necessity is the mother of invention: I don't use packaged salad dressings. Most contain sugar and lots of other items I can not pronounce - which seems to fundamentally go against my "whole foods" and Paleo/Primal lifestyle.

But I'm also a realist, I travel a great deal, and sometimes I just have to make the best choice of the available options...

How many of you use oil and vinegar in place of prepared dressings so you can control what is going on your salad? I usually do as well, and started skipping the oil because the bottles are not always labeled and I therefore don't know if the oil is one I choose to eat...

Plain vinegar on a raw veggie salad can leave you wanting something (ANYTHING) to help you Enjoy the food choice you've made. Here's my Super Secret and gift to You...


Yup - read on...

Many vinegrettes have mustard in them - it adds to the texture and helps the dressing to emulsify. So it will be a familiar taste. Best part - if you are in a food court environment, one of the vendors is guaranteed to have mustard (packets at a burger joint or fast food Asian may even have hot mustard packets).

I put a little mustard on top of a prepackaged salad and sprinkle the vinegar (any kind) on top of the whole thing. The mustard almost melts with the addition of the vinegar (or if you have a lid for the salad - put it back on and shake the whole salad to mix your dressing and evenly coat your salad).

For lunch today I had a dollar salad in the fridge from a fast food restaurant, topped it with a full packet of fast food Chinese mustard, and shook red wine vinegar over that. Replaced the lid, shook, reopened and placed a sliced hard boiled egg on top.

Budget friendly, completely within my dieting guidelines, incredible taste (I love spicy)!

Try Dijon, yellow, Chinese, or any other mustard that is within your dietary guidelines...
Try red wine vinegar or malted, apple cider, balsamic, etc.

Have a little fun with this! When available, you can still add a little EVOO, a nut oil, flax seed oil, etc., but when not available or the source is questionable - stay true to your diet without sacrificing taste with a little help from a Yellow friend!

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