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I am sad, sad panda.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A little depressed.

Okay the last couple weeks I noticed my scale at home was giving me random numbers either high or low.

I would check 3 times before I would input my weight.

Today I bought a new scale that measures my BMI, tracks my goal to reach 165, how hydrated I am, etc. It is a really nice scale!

However, when I weighed myself instead of it telling me I weighed 275.2. I weighed 282.6.

Sigh. When I realized that the scale at home was that off. That means the day I weighed myself at 289. Meant I was really around 300 lbs more or less by 2 pounds.

Suddenly I am not sure how much weight I have lost since I started and it really makes me sad!

I mean all my little victories of losing weight.

I am backtracking now. So now I have to input that I weigh more than I thought.

I was so happy to be 275 today.

I haven't been 275 in over a year!

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    Well, if you really were at 300 when you started, that means when you get to your goal, you will have even BIGGER of a number to celebrate. The scale isnt what matters anyway, hun.. how you FEEL matters. Focus on that and nothing else, ok? You have a new/better/awesome scale now (for the times when you want/need the numbers to push you) and you kick major toosh, so.. YAY! XOXO
    2188 days ago
  • KATYDID412
    Scales are evil, just evil, and they have too much power over many of us. I'm probably going to repeat what others have said, but sometimes it doesn't hurt to hear things more than once.

    1. They're evil.

    2. They are only one tool in your weight loss toolbelt, and some would say not even the most important. Remember your body measurements, how you feel, your energy level, how your clothes fit.

    3. Even if the actual numbers representing your weight have been incorrect, the fact is, you have been losing! You've still lost as much weight as you had before you knew the numbers were wrong. And that's awesome.

    Don't let this get you down for too long. You're doing great. You're winning.

    2189 days ago
    Thanks guys for cheering me up. Hugs

    2189 days ago
    That is sooo lame! I know how you feel my scale does the same thing, its infuriating, when I first bought mine it matched the scale at the drs office perfectly, and now its always random. You know you have lost weight and have been fighting for this. So start over use the weight your new scale shows and keep going! As you lose more, you will see a defference in your clothes and stuff, so don't worry about the scale! HUGS
    2189 days ago
    Oh hun Im sorry your sad! But ya know, the number on the scale is just a measure of one thing. You doing some much right and I'd hate for you to get discouraged because of a number on the scale. You've still lost weight no matter where you started, this doesn't take that away. You still making healthy choices! Your still getting active! Your awesome and nothing is going to change that.
    2189 days ago
  • DANI_28
    I know how you feel- after my old scale gave me so many different weights I went out and got a new one. The old one wouldnt read a 5 pound dumbbell but the new one did and measured 5.0 pounds exactly so I knew it was correct. Anyways- It showed I was five pounds heavier than I thought and I really hadnt passed the mini goal I thought I had. But dont let it get u down too bad- you lost a certain amount of weight and that doesnt change! You will pass the goal "again" and move onto the next one! :D
    2189 days ago
    I know of what you speak. I bougtht a WW digital and I have found that it will display readings that can vary as much as a pound if I measure, step off and measure again. Digital should always be +/- the last digit. Oh well, these scales are not industrial grade so do what makes you comfortable.
    2189 days ago
    Sorry to hear that. That stinks. emoticon

    But Ceruleansin is right. You've still made progress even if the scale doesn't show it. Think of all the positive things you're doing: watching food portions, exercising, changing your thoughts about food. Focus on those 'non-scale victories.' They're the things that will guide you toward a lower weight and better health.

    2189 days ago
    Scales are only relative to themselves. When I got a Wii Fit last year, it showed exactly 6 lbs over what my bathroom scale showed, but I have never counted the Wii weight as my "real weight." Why? Because that bathroom scale has been with me for 12 years now, and all of my weight over time has been measured through it. The Wii is closer to what a doctor's scale will tell me, but I'm counting all my weight lost through a different medium. Now, if I weigh in on the Wii, I just take its weight minus six pounds to get my actual weight - "actual" weight being the one my bathroom scale would tell me. You can always do the same thing - it's all relative.
    2189 days ago

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    That sucks! I'm sorry you are a sad panda. Scales are tough and tricky.

    Good news though, all your little victories of losing weight are STILL victories! I know they won't feel like it since the numbers are different but you are STILL losing and doing awesome!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    emoticon emoticon
    2189 days ago
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