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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

See my full-on Former Fat Girl get sassy...

Picked up the book Fit2Fat2Fit, written by a guy (whose site/book/blog I am not linking to, since he is all about shilling his "get fit quick" products) who decided he wanted to "experience" being fat. So, he decided to gain 75 pounds in six months, then get fit again.

Let me say: kudos to him for actually going through with the weight gain. Not many people would be that ballsy about gaining 75 pounds on purpose.

Also let me say: Being 75 pounds overweight for about a week is NOTHING, not one DAMN thing like being 75 pounds overweight.

--He was ripped and fit, a personal trainer and a medical technician, firmly established in both careers and with a LIFETIME of good health and fitness behind him

--He was only at the 75-pound mark for a short period of time before he started back to the gym & eating right again - not 75# overweight for six months, but gaining over six months. BIG DIFF.

--He had a wife and children who were (mostly) supportive of this endeavor, with the knowledge that it wasn't a permanent change

--He advertised this plan to everyone in his circle, both in real life and online - everyone who knew him knew WHY he was gaining weight and that he was planning to lose it right away

--He was already a long-time gym goer and that six-month period was the longest time in his entire life he'd been remotely sedentary

You can see why I don't really take his claims of "getting it" very seriously! DUDE. He was worried about things like stretch marks and how his clothes fit and whether people were watching him at the grocery store.

--He was NOT worried about being ignored or belittled by well- (or not-so-well) intentioned family, friends and colleagues

--He was NOT worried about whether his body would keep him from getting a job or being promoted

--He was NOT worried about chronic diseases or not being around for his kids to grow up

--He was NOT worried about whether he could ever possibly lose the weight

--He was NOT worried about being ridiculed at the gym (this so rarely happens, but it our minds, any whispering or laughing is always about us, isn't it?)

He did get a small, infinitismal taste of what it's like to be overweight - the chronic tiredness, the lack of energy, the uphill battle to change habits that are easy to form (he definitely missed Mountain Dew and Cinnamon Toast Crunch) and hard to get rid of.

But, does he REALLY think this blip translates at ALL to the common experience of the obese? PLEASE.

And of course, he has great ideas and recipes. That was nice. His website, though - shill city. Anyone can do it! He says. Take my supplements! Go to my Amazon shopping page!

Whatever, dude. Maybe you and Jillian could get together for your own show, "I Was 'Fat' Once, No Really!"

Rant over. Enjoy your day! :D

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Interesting. My roommate made me look at the site back in Feb. the guy hadn't lost All the weight yet and don't remember him shilling "his" product back then. Guess he had to finish his little experiment first.
    Definitely thought it was irresponsible and out of touch to think its the same thing.
    He never had to worry about friends and family just flat out not believing he could do it. Or himself, since he'd never tried and failed before..
    He missed Mountain Dew after drinking it for 6 months? Try breaking a 30 year habit that starts in childhood....

    Everyone's got a schtick....
    2344 days ago
  • SARA_ANN12
    Well, I'm not a fan of him. That is all!
    2344 days ago
    Great, great, great blog!!
    2344 days ago
    Let's just say it... He & it SUCKS!!! emoticon
    2345 days ago
    Yes, I completely agree! As someone who has been overweight since being a child, I get annoyed when people do this kind of thing. It's insulting to those of us who actually have to live like this.

    Great post!
    2345 days ago
    lol I totally agree with you and I believe I know what site you are talking about. He DOES not what it really feels like to be overweight your whole life, he does not know how it is to be totally sedentary. He doesn't know the struggle of weight loss, the up's and down's. He is a professional so he does not understand any of that.

    It's just a gimmick to sell his product. Blah! I feel sorry for the people who fall for this crap.
    2345 days ago
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