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(Not) exercising

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

another blog that started out as a blog comment:-) to TinaJane, who still doesn't like exercising. me neither totally, but ... oh i miss it so much.
the doctor thinks it's tendonitis of the gluteus medius or maximus - but it's totally on the side of my hip, not my booty! it doesn't even exactly hurt. just very mild discomfort when i walk. i'm still waiting for the PT to call me back with an appointment. i left a message friday and another one yesterday. if they don't call back today ... i guess i'll email one of my orthopedist clients to ask them to recommend someone.
the first thing i've noticed is how grouchy i am. to my family mainly, who don't need it this week! the second thing i've noticed is how self-pîtying i feel, which i don't need. it's weird to have turned into one of those weird people (like my sister!) who can't do without exercise. though she always makes herself do something, even when injured. i did go to the pool sunday, and i'll try again tomorrow ... but running is so much efficient (calorie burn per minute) and more convenient ... and satisfying. plus, i am back to being petrified that i won't be able to make myself start up again. i couldn't even make myself swim very far Sunday (though that was after the water gym class). and boy is swimming more boring than running. and going to the pool and all the pre and post parts take up ever so much more time.
at least i've been productively slaying lions ... though still too many starting at me.
so now i have dealt with grouchy self pity by posting a grouchy self-pitying blog. how productive! not.
so how do you deal with not being able to do what you want for exercise? and with knowing that it would take very little to turn you back into a couch potato?
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    i would look at this another way, instead of you not able to jog.. look at you reviewing other ways to relax and work out , and see if the two can combine , i heard water sports is the best way to workout, less impact on your joints .. rethink your mind set , and game plan emoticon emoticon
    2455 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    Strength training strength training strength training! It will give you endorphins, it will chase away self-pity, it will bring you increased muscle strength so that when you DO (and you WILL) return to running, you will be a stronger runner. Lots of stretching, icing what hurts, lots of water, extra protein for the healing (and because, when strength training, you need more). Also, go on to and look up what aches you - they have some comprehensive information for you. I know lots of people recommend physical therapy but I have had a few "duds" over the years where they gave me a sheet of exercises to do and that was supposed to make me better. I know there are good ones but I no longer think that is what will "fix" me. What about a massage therapist specifically trained in massages for athletes? They know so much about the body - I have found some very good information that way, plus, talk about "hands on" healing. What do you think? You certainly deserve a good massage, you have worked SO hard. Keep us posted.....
    2462 days ago
    Poor thing! I understand how down you feel. I hope this is going to be relieved soon. Meanwhile, I think you're taking very good care of yourself, going swimming, even if I share your point of view for this type of exercise. Have you tried stretching and rolling on a foam roller? This could alleviate your pain.
    Take care,
    2462 days ago
    Sorry to hear of your hip problem-hope you get the help you need. You are such a dynamo with your exercise/running - I think it is in your blood now, so to speak- you will find something to take the place of running until your hip heals. Why not walk or is it too painful for that too? Find some nice places to hike like Claire does and just enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Next best thing to running in my opinion! I like my chair exercises too!
    Have you ever thought of a chiropractor-Claire went to one recently. I can't do without mine for my hip, low back problems! Take care and don't be discouraged. Hang in there! emoticon
    2463 days ago
  • CELLO23
    Sorry your tendonitis is stopping your usual amount of activity - you are well entitled to grouch! I can see the frustration but also the fear of not starting again - if you have a sedentary job and big lions, it's easy to get into an 'all or nothing' mindset and veer between fierce exercise and nothing at all (says One Who Knows). So it's great that you are fitting in swimming and trying other things. If you are looking for efficiency and can bear the gym, a cross-trainer is good - low impact and high burn! And you can listen to music or radio to take the boredom away.
    Hope you are getting better in the meantime - take care! emoticon emoticon
    2466 days ago
    My grandmother told me that we are grouchiest to those we love most because we know they will always forgive. emoticon
    You know, you are allowed to vent and have a few moments of self-pity. We all do. I think it's part of the process - nothing weird about it.
    I know you must be frustrated, but I agree with 2012May, just concentrate on healing right now. And, I also agree with Lizalot, swimming is exercise, even if it isn't your exercise of choice right now.
    You, a return couch potato, naaahhhh!! It just won't happen.
    I'm sorry you are having to deal with this. I pray you are healed very soon and back to doing what you love, running.
    Sending you lots and lots of emoticon
    2466 days ago
    Vent out "weird" friend... that's all you need for now... I so aspire to be weird like your sister and you. While it sucks right now, I think you gotta focus on healing. PT is mandatory, I hope you get that appointment ASAP... I get what you say about the boring part of going swimming... but water aerobics or water walking may be the answer until you feel you can take up running again.... Sending you tons of (((HUGS))) from SC! Go YOU for killing the grouchiness doing ST... emoticon
    Love ya'
    May emoticon
    2467 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/19/2012 12:12:59 PM
    As an experienced couch potato, I understand your fear of becoming one. You've got to get to physical therapy somehow, and quickly! But in the meantime, writing about your frustration here is a wise thing to do. Everyone is on your side!
    2467 days ago
    emoticon Grouchy self-pity is to be expected, would be weird if you did not feel that way...I really hope you can get this worked out soon. Some great suggestions there too.
    I too find swimming a pain in the rear (mwaha) and boring, besides the fact that I've never really learned how to do a crawl stroke without getting water up my nose. but you gotta do what you gotta do, hang in there! emoticon
    2467 days ago
    I have no wisdom to share with you, as I haven't exactly triumphed in similar situations. emoticon
    When was the last time you got new running shoes? Do you remember back when I had all those arch problems in the spring, and it turned into knee, hip, and back? It was 100% my shoes - a pricey but easy fix! You've been putting a LOT of miles in. If you go to a running store, they can study your current shoes to see what's going on and if it's contributing to your tendonitis.
    2467 days ago
    When I hurt my leg and couldn't run I biked. Fortunately this did not hurt the injury, it kept the cardo and worked many of the muscles in my legs so as I healed the legs were still reasonablely strong, I then adjusted back to running by tappering the biking as I was able to add back running.

    Oh and Gramie got me a bike for $35.00 at a yard sale so it was not expensive to get into. (Yeah it is not a great bike, but it good enough for my needs).

    Good running and be careful out there.

    2467 days ago
    I get the same way when I can't exercise.
    2467 days ago
    Even though you say you are not exercising, swimming is exercising. However, it is very low impact. Your attitude seems to be trying to find something you can do despite the pain. I think you have an attitude of not giving up.
    2467 days ago
    Grouch away, that's what we're here for! Can you not call the PT back? They might just not have got a round tuit. Swimming is excellent exercise, but yes, the hassle before and after is a pain. (In the butt? Sorry, couldn't resist...) Presumably you can still do some ST?

    I don't see you turning back into a couch potato either. And I won't let you cos we've got a half marathon to run, and you were the one who got me into it. :-)

    Meanwhile keep up the
    2467 days ago
    i hope your pt calls you today. i know how frustrating to feel like you are going to lose your stride. i hope you the best and a quick recovery. emoticon emoticon
    2467 days ago
    for one thing, i grouch at the people around me:-)

    don't worry, you have too much pushing you to get started again, and watching others on SP moving is going to make you want to jump in the fray as soon as you are able. the addiction to movement - and its rewards - is too strong already. no way are you going to turn into a couch potato! besides, you have a half marathon to run! and you'll get there, luckily this injury came early enough for you to recover. we won't let you wallow too long, you'll be back putting one foot in front of the other before you know it.

    meanwhile, go get those lions!
    2467 days ago
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