Reached another goal: One-derland!

Monday, June 18, 2012

It's official... I'm down 90 lbs.
Bye bye to the number 2 being the first digit on the scale.

Ah... One-derland really does exist for me. I will cherish and appreciate it this time. I won't be careless and let it slip away ever again.

10 more lbs and I'll get to celebrate no longer being obese... WooHoo - here's to being Just Overweight...!?!?!?

Still not sure I've fully processed the changes mentally. When walking this evening, I stopped by a fashionable ladies store with more conservative upscale clients (ie expensive quality clothing). I will never fit into a "slim cut" anything - no matter how small I get, I will always have and love my curves. So it was interesting that the size 14 curvy cut was too large on the hips, but the "modern" (read average) build was a perfect fit. Now I do realize that these establishments have "vanity sizing" - meaning the more the clothes cost, the bigger the cut, so you actually fit in a smaller size than you would wear at any "normal" priced establishment! Thing is - I've never fit into clothes from this store unless it was an XL knit sleeveless shirt to wear under a suit... It's a whole new world of fashion that has now become available.....

I appear to now be an "average" 14/16 - can't wear 14Ws any more..... Too baggy on the hips. I started this journey in earnest back in August 2011 at 289 wearing a full, curvy, or Women's 22/24 (2-3X).

By August, my total loss WILL exceed 100 lbs, I'll be out of the obesity category, and I'll be wearing size 12/14 (large).....

Quite a journey indeed. Thank you my Spark friends. Sincerely - I could not have done this alone. I kept trying and failing on my own. Joining this team is by far one of the best decisions of my life! You have been there to support me, help me, cheer me! Words can not express my gratitude.....
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