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Self Pep Talk

Monday, June 18, 2012

Todays "Daily Challenge Team" offered this challenge: Name 5 great things about yourself and write 3 positive goals to accomplish by the end of the year. The goals are to be specific. Hence, this blog.


1. Caring. I am emphthetic to folk's situations. I do what I can to help.

2. I listen. While I still need to listen harder, I do listen. People don't always want advice. They need to talk and be heard.

3. A good cook. Thanks to hubby allowing me to experiment with spices, etc., and his humor if something comes out a total flop, I aquired the confidence to be creative in the kitchen. Most things now come out flavorful and are worth making again. My food is also nutricious 99% of the time and and least lightened up the other 1%.

4. Consistent with diet and exercise. This has taken some time for all those baby steps to change to toddler steps and now walking. I am to the point that I can do what needs to be done without the proverbial checklist. That goes for tracking, too, for the most part, though I still and will probably always do it. The vacation I'm on has been the test and except for circumstances beyond my control I passed!

5. Spiritually I am growing. That is a process. My sprituality is one of the things that makes me strong when I need to be. I've come a long way on my walk with the Lord.


1. Basic Sign Language (ASL). I didn't realize how much I had lost by not practicing. I will get into the groups or classes needed to be able to communicate again. Everyone has a dream in their heart and that has always been mine. Now is the time!

2. Goal weight. With just under 6 months left of 2012 I can accomplish this following my program. With each season I will focus on a new activity. This summer, water aerobics. Fall, probably dry cross-country skiing. It's a little early to decide on that one.

3. My parlor and kitchen will be re-done. I'm starting in the parlor with having the walls and ceiling painted and new flooring laid. Then a wall of the kitchen will be coming out to make room for a new a broom closet and enclosure for the ice box.

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