Throwing the punches

Monday, June 18, 2012

Last Friday I did some boxing with my trainer. I haven't boxed in a while so it felt great to put the gloves back on.

I warmed up on the track with running some laps. Then I did some leg work. And then..... the gloves came on...

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

He had me doing a full 25 minutes of non stop boxing. The only "break" I had was when he would have me run a few laps on the track. (And these laps..... they were supposed to be fast!) I was dripping with sweat and even felt a little nauseous at times but it sure felt great.

We did jabs, upper cuts, high knees, kicks, crunches with punches, etc....

I had people staring at me and even had a guy comment saying that I was doing an intense workout. Yeah.... watch out people! LOL!

Towards the end we did some boxing where he would swing at me and I would have to duck out of the way. I told him to not be afraid to hit me.... go ahead and smack me if I don't get my head out of the way. He just laughed!

I noticed my trainers arms shaking as I was hitting the pads so I knew that I was punching good!

After the workout the gloves came off and I noticed this.....

This is a few days afterwards so it is already healing but I had some bloody knuckles. Awesome was all I could say! It shows that I worked hard and was punching with all I had. And my trainer even commented saying that I got a lot stronger. He said that I was punching a lot harder than I ever have.

The next few weeks we are going to meet up again. I can't wait!

So all these weights are paying off. I can really notice a difference with my strength and my arms are getting more defined.

My son is doing a weight lifting workout for the summer. He started last week and the session goes until August. He loves it and it is fun to compare workouts. I told him that we should take some progress pics to see if he gains any muscle by the end of the summer. So here is his pics...

I think I need to take some of my own! emoticon
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