I am my Father's daughter!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

First Happy Father's day to all Dads and guardians. It is without a doubt your most important role in life.
I spent the day. as usual, with my Dad. We are extremely close and happen to live next door to one another. We are both widowed but that is just one thing we have in common. I am my Father's daughter. And if I live forever the most important compliment anyone could pay me is that I am just like him! People say I look like him, but I want to be like him.
He is a semi-retired Episcopal priest with a background in education. He is also an extremely sweet, kind, considerate, jovial person. He will be 89 next month and lives a very active life. He works out twice a week with a trainer, eats a well balanced diet and has many, many friends. His greatest tragedy has been both the loss of my Mother and my husband, Russ. He steps forth each day in faith and the belief that we will all be together again one day. In the meantime he lives his life quietly helping people in every possible way he can. He is an honorable man and I am proud to be his daughter! I love you Dad - Happy Father's Day!
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