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What Two Years With Sparkpeople Helped Me Accomplish

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wow, I can't believe I've been on this journey for 2 years. When I started I was going to get to my goal in 18 months, because how hard could it be, right?!? Boy was I in for a surprise! Two years, of exercising, eating right, and believing that my goal IS attainable, and I still have 32 pounds to go, lol. Who knew! I've been going back and forth as to what I should write about. We all know how hard this is, we all know how to do this, we all know this journey takes you on this intense roller coaster of a ride, so WHAT do I write about for my 2 year anniversary?

I decided just to state the facts:
Starting weight 307

Current weight 172

I went from a BMI of 60 to 33.6

I've lost 135 pounds, that's about as much as both of my kids together!

88.5 pounds the first year and 46.5 the second. It averages out to about 1.3 pounds per week. Some weeks I lost more, some weeks I gained, but if I can average 1.3 pound for the next 26 weeks, it will put me at my goal weight by my birthday this year.

I've lost a total of 84.5 inches over my entire body.

In inches, my waist has gone from 59 to 34, my hips from 59 to 42, each thigh from 34 to 23, each calf from 19 to 15.5, each arm from 20 to 15, and my neck went from 16 to 12.5.

I've gone from a size 28 jeans to a 14 or 16, depending on the brand

And from a 4X shirt to a M or L, again depending on the brand

Over the last 2 years, I've finally started living my life. I've gone to the beach, the water park, and amusement park, camping, hiking, completed 10 5K's, taken up biking, Zumba, kick boxing, gotten the kids interested in being healthy, gotten my dad involved, and hopefully inspired others to change their lives.

For the remainder of this year, I have a few things planned. There are a few more 5K's I'll be doing, including RUNNING the Turkey Trot at Thanksgiving. In September, for my husband's birthday, we're going to bike around the peninsula which is 13 miles. I have promised myself that I will get serious about ST and get it done at least 2 times a week. And my biggest goal is to get to my goal weight by the end of this year.

I've also been thinking about what has helped me the most over these last 2 years, and it really comes down to just a few key things for me...

CONSISTENCY... when I'm consistent, I see much better progress, on the scale as well as emotionally. SUSTAINABILITY... I decided when I started this, that I wasn't going to do anything that I couldn't do for the rest of my life. I won't work out 2 hours a day when I'm 60, so I'm not doing it now. 30-45 minutes 4-6 days a week is all I'm willing to do. That's also why I will never cut anything out of my diet. I may not eat a lot of the same foods that I used to, but nothing is off limits. If I want it, I'll eat it. And the MOST important thing, DO NOT GIVE UP! If I gave up every time the scale went up, every time I ate over calories, every time I didn't get a workout in, I'd still be over 300 pounds. YES, I've had bad days, but I NEVER gave up.

What has two years with spark helped me accomplish...

Hmmm, I'd say quit a bit!
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