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Danger! Danger Will Robinson!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Watch out! DONE girl coming through!!!! I am so DONE!
I am DONE being the fat girl.
I am DONE with negative messages to myself!
I am DONE with beating myself up for not being perfect!
I am DONE with letting the media's idea of beautiful make me feel ugly! I am beautiful!
I am DONE with the lies that I will never make it to my goal! I can do it! I will do it!!!

Thanks to the DONE girls for helping me make a stand to be DONE!!! emoticon

Now I gotta do my DONE girl dance!!! I have made lots of progress this month.

I lost 12 pounds. I have exercised over 500 minutes this month. I have completed my fast break goals everyday for 2 weeks straight! I have made some really great friends that give great support and encouragement. That is a big thing for me as for over a year even the thought of talking to anyone or going out of the house brought on anxiety or panic attacks! I have a new outlook on life and my journey.

I am worth it!!! I have hit some potholes in the road but they haven't derailed me. I am leaving the past in the past and using each pothole as a learning experience and making adjustments so that I don't have the same issues later down the road. If they happen again I will be ready and if they sideswipe me, well I will just get up, dust myself off and keep moving!!

Hmm I just had a thought....I didn't let cancer stop me so I am not going to let this weight stop me!!!

Shout out to all my friends!!! We can do it girls!!!! We CAN do it!!!

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