The good, the bad, & the weekend

Friday, June 15, 2012

Its friday!!!! Yayyy *happy dance* lol. I am so ready for my weekend, work work work all week long, come friday Im draggin & Im so ready for that 2 day break.. (psh, what I mean by break is tryin to cram all the things I dont have time for during the week in 48 hours..easier said than done.. but whatev, I'll take it.)

I fell off the wagon a few times this week with my eating habits.. Im so good all day at work, and I dont know if Im just not eating enough calories or what, I know before I was pregnant I was eating 1200 (sometimes a lil less, sometimes a lil more) cals a day. NOW, to be honest I dont know how many Im suppose to have?! Different websites tell you so many dif. calorie quotes for being pregnant.. its confusing. But the point is when I get home from work Im ravenous, and tryin to get dinner cooked (if Im up to it) I'll start munching on things inbetween.. then after dinner I'll be like OOH, I want some fruity pebbles (No PAULA! no no no.) vicious cycle.. so Im definitely blaming the baby :) my fiancé made the comment a week or so ago & laughed at me saying how its so funny now how he sees me eating things, that he knew I never would of sat down with & let myself have.. like the oreo birthday ice cream.. from the carton! :( Not sure how to take that, lol. Last night I went and grabbed the ice cream.. sat down with it, and started munching on it after dinner (DOH!) I got soo aggitated with myself after a minute of eating it, I got up threw it in the sink and filled the carton up with water so I wouldnt be able to eat anymore, & I def wont buy any of it. I just get so grrr with myself.. dont know why in the hell I do it, my will power has been for the birds lately.. I know alot of it has been my mind set, even though I know I shouldnt choose something I do choose to eat.. Im like, ehh Im pregnant, a little wont hurt me, but NO-- this is not the way to think, pregnant or not. & it does hurt me, & my eating habits! I gotta really work on that.

I did manage to get in walking on all my breaks at work, so anywhere from 30-45 mins each day, except 1 of the days it was pouring rain.. I walked around inside, but not the same to me. The next 3 day are going to be me focusinig and trying to get my will power back.. try to be healthy as possible, get in my exercise, & not give into to any cravings/temptations.. and its the weekend.. AHHH, wish me luck!
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    I'm in the same boat as you right now, I'm just trying to think of healthy replacements for the things I crave and make sure I don't buy any of the unhealthy things if their not in the house I'm usually to lazy to go out and buy them when I'm craving them lol Great job with the walking though! I understand that there are alot of different calorie suggestions out there I have been sticking with the eat when hungry and try to make it healthy food :) but if your looking for a number they usually say 250 extra from your maintence calories in the second trimester and 500 extra in the third.
    2134 days ago
    Just do the best you can! Sometimes you're going to just need to follow your body...even if that means you're following it over to the Fruity Pebbles. I don't follow any of the calorie guides, I don't track and I haven't discussed exact calorie need with my doc. It's been - eat what you can, avoid the things you can't have, try to make mostly healthy choices. Try to up the calcium intake if you can since the baby needs a lot of that. I have found that when baby's calcium needs increased (when the bones were starting to harden) my cravings switched to dairy. Mother Nature is watching out for us!
    2134 days ago
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