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A Complicated Love Story

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear Right Ankle,

I was reading Galloway's "Book On Running" last night and I came across the most interesting information about you in the section on running form!

"The ankle is a highly efficient lever. As you strengthen your lower leg muscles, you'll be able to naturally move your ankle into positions for an efficient release. This saves energy because the mechanics of the ankle do most of the work instead of the leg muscles. Your calf muscles will conserve energy, and the hamstring muscles are only needed for fine-tuning when you use your ankles. In other words, this is a 'lift off' instead of a 'push off'."

Now, don't get offended by how technical it all sounds. I promise I have a point to make!

You and I, ankle...we've been through a lot. Remember a few years ago when we were separated for awhile? That sucked so bad.

Here is a picture of us from that horrible 3 months:

I wasn't careful enough with you in those days. I did nothing to protect you, even though I KNEW there was a possibility that both of us could get hurt. As a result, you were broken in the worst way.

I never expected another chance from you. In fact, after that initial 3 months, we still didn't get along very well for another 9 months. I avoided you. You lashed out at me with sudden pain that I never expected. I am sorry to admit that I gave up on you, thinking you would never be strong enough to support me again. Even though you were still around and you were begging to be a part of my life, I thought our life together was over. Forever.

But then something happened that I can't explain. Some ember...some SPARK of an idea got me thinking that maybe our time together didn't have to be over quite yet.

I was gentle with you in the beginning. I knew we didn't trust each other much. We took it REALLLLY slow. I mean, it wasn't a race or anything! I can't quite explain how it happened, but somewhere down the line, I began to trust you again. You supported me so well that I didn't even have to think about our past anymore. The result of this trust was both of us getting stronger. You have not hurt me once since we have embarked upon this new journey together.

And, well, I guess I just want to thank you for that. Without your support, I couldn't do what I'm doing. I wouldn't have found a part of me that I never knew existed. I wouldn't have tapped into this feeling of pure joy. I wouldn't know how to love...myself...or anyone else. You might not realize how important you are. But, the truth is...you've given me my life back. And I love you for it. Thank you for being strong.


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