A YoYo problem needs solving

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dear Spark Friends
I would like to start wishing everyone a great weekend coming up and to let all my friends know that you're always in my thoughts and my heart even-though my time is so limited on Spark People.

This post is more of a journal for myself this morning. Every year, I do so well on our winter holiday, 6 months of healthy eating, exercising and feeling great about myself. Then I come home in the spring and every year I treat my body with disrespect by over feeding it with junk, sugar, fat and all the food that I know will add up 8 lbs or more of fat and jeopardize my health. I work at loosing it during the summer (if I can) only to put it back on in the fall before leaving for our winter holiday again. The reason for this is I have no self control on my eating habits during all my visits to family & friends. I overeat as if I will never see food again, I load up on deserts, chocolates..any food containing sugar (which of course I know that it's an addiction) So bottom line is that, I'm a YoYo which I've been all my life...but WHY? I hate myself for doing this to my body. WHY do I loose all self control when I know that I'm such a determined, intelligent, well informed person health-wise.

My numbers from my physical was excellent, the Dr was very happy with my health and said that I only have 2% chance of ever developing heart disease. But what he doesn't know is that I'm a YoYo which is very bad for my health. 

Through a great friend on Spark People, I'm hoping to tackle this issue and understand the problem behind it. If anyone else has any good books or website links, please feel free to send it to me.

On the good side of my well being spiritually, I finished my book "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle and it was fantastic. I'm starting a new one called "The Dark Side of the Light Chasers" by Debbie Ford and I'm very excited about learning from this one. I truly believe that books do call me at the proper time when I need to learn for my journey on this earth.

I still love doing my meditation in the morning, my prayers, my grounding and then a little bit of reading and journaling in my book gives me a great sense of peace to start my day. 

Ok...this has been long enough, I feel great having journaled on this and posting it to all my friends who never gives up on me. I do feel guilty for not being there for all of you though.

I love you all
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  • CHEEKY1000
    Hello! I've been checking out your page before I responded to your blog. What wonderful photos! Thank you for sharing them.

    I know you know that you keep your weight stable during the holiday because of all the exercise--even going to the mall and climbing those steps! lol The kayaking looked amazing!

    You asked for book suggestions. Based on your blog, you seem to be more of a...calm person (meditation and journaling). But the book I'm suggesting is by Jillian Michaels (who is the antithesis of calm--lol). Her book is called Unlimited. It is NOT a workout book or even a book on eating healthy (though of course--she is JM, after all--she does mention that stuff, but it's not the focus). It's a book on dealing with issues and unlocking out potential to live an "unlimited" life. I feel so energized and empowered when I read it. When I feel myself lagging (in months) I reread it. Everytime I reread it, something new registers. Or something re-registers...or finally sinks in because I'm at a point that I'm ready to accept it.

    If you do read it, please let me know what you thing.

    Best wishes!

    P.S. Hope you don't mind, but I added you as friend.
    3252 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/20/2012 12:57:11 PM
    Oh you are singing my sad song, sister!!!

    I am reading a book, which made a statement very close to the one you did, eating like you'll never have the chance to eat that food again. It resonated with me when I read it, and again, when I read it here. The author said that we are not trusting that God will provide us with what we need...and not just food, but other needs/wants.

    Her plan involves eating whatever we really want to eat, regardless of calories, fat, sugar, but to eat it mindfully and stop, the second you feel slight fullness, when the hunger stops. You are also only supposed to eat when truly hungry. You are also supposed to turn to God when you feel like you want to eat beyond fullness, like when you've had your meal, but now the second helping is calling to you because it was so good.

    Now, I don't think I can go that far...I'm going to have to eat my healthier foods...but I sure can eat slower and listen to my body more, and stop when full, and only eat when truly hungry, no matter what the clock says! At least I'm going to try!

    So, hey, let me know if you find something that helps you stop this negative pattern of yo-yoing...I'll do the same!

    Sheri emoticon
    3252 days ago
    Me, too, me, too, me, too!
    It's so discouraging what we do to ourselves over and over.
    I bet I lost 15-20 lbs between Jan and May just about every year for at least 20 years. And, of course regained those pounds plus a few more each summer and fall. This is not healthy!!!
    I say I dieted my way up to nearly 200 pounds- at 5'3"
    SP is helping me to change the way I live my life now and I will not do that any more.
    3253 days ago
    I expect most of us on SP would have to admit being yo yoer's. We are all here trying to correct that and maybe this time it will be for a lifetime! Thanks for the blog. Have a great weekend. Gotta be kind to all these fathers! emoticon
    3257 days ago
  • MONIKA1948
    Hi Sue! I can totally relate to what you are going through. You see, I am also a yo-yo.
    I don't know why we put our bodies through this everytime. We are motivated to lose weight and after awhile, we put it all back on again. I have been doing this for years now. If you every find out why we do this, please let me know. One of these days we will get it right. We will never give up getting healthy. Have a wonderful week. Hugs
    3257 days ago
    I totally agree with Sharon. We are human and sometimes we fall, but as long as we pick ourselves up, that is what matters :) (((((hugs)))))))) I know you will figure this out.
    3258 days ago
  • no profile photo CD8667808
    Hi Sue, we completely understand all of it! I've read both those books, they're wonderful. Last year or so, I did some work from "The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook" by Carolyn Coker Ross, so wanted to mention that if you haven't seen it already. The biggest help for me comes when I'm honest with my family and friends about needing to eat well. My parents especially feel threatened by it and don't want to hear about it, but they try to accomodate me when I least expect it.
    Mostly, please be kind and gentle with yourself about it. I've decided it's a normal part of the process and we need to celebrate ourselves for not giving up.
    Take care Sue!
    3258 days ago
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