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School is almost out here in NY, now what?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Does any one else have the problem I do in the summer? What do I do with the kids now?

My kids all have ADHD so they really need to be kept busy or they will drive you crazy with the screaming, running around, fighting, etc...yeah I know sounds like normal kids right! My son has outgrown his hyper activity at 16 now but my 9 & 4 year old girls have their own motors.

I have my own house cleaning/errands business that can have a varied schedule so it is hard for me to put kids in camp or any other program that I have to guarantee specific times for drop off and pick up. Besides the financial side, I can't really afford it either. They will drive my husband (fiance-been calling him my husband for years, not actually married yet) nuts. And unfortunately he has a disease that can give him a stroke at any time, he is 40 and has had 6 already. So with that said, I don't like leaving the kids alone with him for any length of time, God forbid something happens.

Some of my jobs are minimal and I can easily take them with me which I sometimes do on Friday's when my 4 year old doesn't have school, but they get bored quickly too. So grandma? There older brother? Friend? I don't know but I guess I better figure it out since there is only a week left.

Sorry, I know this had nothing to do with weight loss, healthy living, or exercise; just needed to vent a little.

I am trying to get the kids more interested in this healthy eating/living stuff but their excitement comes and goes. My son (16) wants nothing to do with it. I give him dinner, he will eat a little them heat up a hot pocket. Daughter (9), if I give her something to eat that doesn't look right to her she won't eat it. Then Katie (4) will usually try anything but then she will sometimes end up following her big sisters lead and say she doesn't like because her sister doesn't like.

The other day I gave Katie a kale chip that I baked, she chewed it up then spit it out. That was a definite "I don't like!" It is very important to me now to make sure my kids do not grow up with their "fat gene" turned on. My whole family has a weight problem so I know it is in my kids genes but I can do my best to keep it under wraps. Once they are older they will make their own decisions and I pray I gave them the right information to make healthy choices for themselves and their families.

Does anyone have any ideas to get kids and teens to follow a healthier diet, besides just not buying junk food? I have cut down dramatically the boxed junk that I purchase but a goody once in a while is allowed. My kids do love fresh fruit, but sometimes they seem to eat too much of that even. Or the little one will take an apple off the table, take a few bites then leave it; then take a new once a couple hours later. I can buy a 3 lb bag of apples and it will be gone in a day.

Then there is always the fight to get them off the X-Box, computer, TV, Gameboy DSI, IPOD, etc. When I was a kids we were outside 24/7 making our own games and finding something to do. The kids these days have no imagination. Then you have the difference, when I was a kid we could be outside in the neighborhood with no worries, now you need to be so careful to let your kids out of your site. I guess the world has changed, I couldn't believe how many overweight children (I was an overweight child/teen) were at my daughters field day. It is scary, we need to do something about it before we end up giving our kids shorted lifespans that we have because of the crap they eat and lack of exercise. When I was in school I was over weight and got teased all the time, now it is the norm. I am glad these kids are not getting teased because that was awful but it is even worse that it is normal now to be obese.

What can we do to save our kids? emoticon
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    It does take time to teach our kiddos ( and ourselves) smart food choices...When Jaden is shopping she looks for the 'just right' baby squash, fattest snow peas, ect.....

    I made all the same mistakes you mentioned in raising Jaden's mom, and now she follows me in the battle to undo unhealthy choices and lose the excess weight....we are working together to do our best to teach Jaden it is easier to learn to eat right NOW than later!!!

    We CAN do this for ourselves and our kids...YOU are on the right track being here and learning healthy options to pass along to your kids!!!

    2138 days ago
    Thanks Debbie for the suggestions. It is my own fault that I never used to take the time to teach the kids to make the healthy choices. It was easier to buy packaged snacks we could grab on the go or that I did not have to prepare. It was my laziness and lack of personal knowledge on eating healthy and properly. I passed on how to eat junk that was easy or yummy, without realizing what I was setting them up for. I hope I am able to turn it around in time. None of my kids are over weight now but the older ones have gone through periods that they were in between growth spurts.

    Thanks again emoticon
    2138 days ago
    My 5 year old granddaughter has always eatten 'real food' as she calls it....oh, she does get snack stuff like chips, cookies or ice cream in proper portion sizes but only if she has had 'real food' first!...

    Also explaining to her the importance of balancing good carbs and protien and eating for energy rather than sugar snacks that will make her tired after the sugar rush...

    She goes grocery shopping and compares costs and picks out what fruit and fresh veggies she would like....squash, broccoli, and sugar snap peas are the current favorites..she snacks on the crunchy sugar snap peas instead of chips for snacks.

    She also is learning simple food prep and helps wash and chop veggies ( with supervision) and cooks things in the microwave.

    You might consider a Summer project for the kids to learn about healthy niutrition and balanced eating by challenging the older ones to reseach healthy food options/ menus and then getting them all involved in cooking a new (healthy) menu or two?

    You are so right about the need to do something to save our kids ( and grandkids) from the obsity issues so many are struggling with!

    2138 days ago
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